Under Varvarovsky Bridge fish

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In the evening on August 5 under Varvarovsky Bridge from Varvarovki cast ashore a bull-calf.

About 40 meters of the coast and a bottom were covered by fish. Locals left to the river. Some brought with themselves networks, collected only a large bull-calf (length of 20-30 cm), the rest threw out back to the river. Others brought together small fish bags. The part of the drifted ashore fish was still live, but it easily could be caught hands.

- Such every year occurs, it is hydrogen sulfide leaves, - the woman who came to the coast for fish told.

In a rybinspektion too told that this phenomenon natural.

- Such occurs annually, - the first deputy head of department рыбоохраны told areas Georgy Korchagov. - The pestilence of fish occurs from - for high temperature (then fish, as a rule, casts ashore already dead) or from - for hydrogen sulfide emission (then fish itself comes up on the coast).

Georgy Korchagov told that fish in itself isn't dangerous, but rotten fish whom cast ashore, is it is impossible.

- To sell the fish who has been brought together ashore, it is impossible, - he told. - It is allowed to sell fish only users of water live resources who paid a tax for it, got permission to a catch and catch fish the resolved tools. And all the rest is illegal.

It already the second case in area when casts fish ashore. The first happened at the end of July on the cape Adzhigol. Then cast to ton of a bull-calf ashore.

In the river in several meters from the coast fish was brought together by seagulls.

For fish to the coast there was also a cat

So the coast looked in the morning on August 6:


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