In the Dnepropetrovsk area the head of family finished with a family and was hung up

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In Krivoi Rog occurred the awful tragedy. In the two-storeyed private house located down the street of Karbyshev, found at once three corpses - two women and one man. In a drawing room, on a penultimate step of the wooden ladder conducting on the second floor of the house, it was hung up 64 - the summer host. Further survey of the dwelling threw field investigators in even bigger shock …
In a bedroom, on a sofa, there was a blood-stained corpse of the woman. The body was wrapped in a blanket cover and covered with a blanket. During corpse survey experts established that the death of the victim - the spouse of the host - was caused by chopped wounds of a neck. Character of a trauma specified that simply tried to behead the victim.
One more corpse - 40 - the summer daughter of the host - was this time in the same room on the next sofa. The victim got a similar injury of a neck.
During crime scene survey field investigators found also the murder tool - an economic axe with blood traces.
According to the preliminary version of the investigation, both women were cut an axe by the host then itself it was hung up. However if the suspect of commission of crime is known, that, as for its motives, they remain secret. According to not checked information, until the tragedy the host it wasn't watched tendencies to aggression. The version with insanity because of alcoholism too doesn't come true as it is known that the dead, though drank, alcohol never abused.
Neighbors in turn claim that the wife of the owner of the dwelling was confined to five months beds (stroke). It isn't excluded that the man was tired to look after her and from a hopelessness killed native then committed suicide.


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