In Nikolaev – the next archaeological sensation!

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On August 7 it became known that one of the finds found at excavation in the territory of the ancient settlement "Wild Garden" (Nikolaev) "sort" from Baltic. It gave the scientist the grounds to consider that in a bronze age this district was transit point of the Great amber way. About it the correspondent of was reported by one of heads of excavation, the director scientifically - the research center "Lukomorye" of Institute of archeology of NAN of Ukraine Kirill Gorbenko.

"Last year we dug out a ritual hole where three skulls and a ceramic ballot box with an opening sideways, instead of from above as at a pot were buried.

Today it is established that similar ballot boxes were widespread on the territory of Baltic. And there during an era of late bronze there were amber and tin deposits (copper and tin are necessary for production of bronze). Thus, during an era of late bronze through the southern region of Ukraine tin and amber carried from Baltic in the developed civilizations of the ancient world which were in the Middle East. That is now from 100% we can claim by confidence that there was transit point on the Great amber way. That in the Middle Ages there was a Great silk way, all know. And in a bronze age there was an Amber and tin way. It follows from this that the territory of Northern Black Sea Coast was transit always, we always stood between the East and the West, the North and the South", - Kirill Gorbenko told.


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