For half a year in the Nikolaev area more than 10 thousand people

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For January - June, 2008 to the Nikolaev area there arrived 2,9 thousand people, left for its borders of 3,4 thousand. All migratory streams captured 10,6 thousand people.

Migratory streams within area (intraregional migration) are sent mainly from the village to the city. For January - June of the current year the urban population increased (at the expense of this stream) by 0,3 thousand people while the country people respectively decreased.

In an interregional stream of population shift (with other areas of Ukraine) for January - June of the current year the area lost 0,6 thousand people area had the Greatest migratory communications about Kiev, the Odessa, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd areas. The exchange with them made 60% of all interregional turn. The area received the greatest positive balance for the account of a migratory exchange with the Kirovograd area (55 people), and the greatest negative balance about Kiev (150) and the Odessa (146) area.

In an interstate stream of migration (with other countries) for January - June of the current year the quantity arrived made 0,3 thousand people that on 0,1 thousand people there is more than quantity of the left. In comparison with the corresponding period of last year the positive balance decreased from 216 people in 2007 to 136 in 2008.

The most intensive migratory exchange happened to the Russian Federation (53% of all interstate stream). It should be noted that with CIS countries the area received positive balance of migration which made 169 people, at the same time balance of migration with the countries of the far abroad the negative - 33 persons. The area received the greatest positive balance for the account of migratory movements with Moldova (72 persons) and the Russian Federation (42), and the greatest negative balance - with Germany (30).

In January - June, 2008 the positive balance of migration is recorded in the cities of Nikolaev, Ochakovo, Pervomaisk, Yuzhnoukrainsk and 5 regions of area. Along with it in Voznesensk and 14 regions of area migratory reduction of the population was observed.


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