In the Zhovtnevy area becomes ripe the next land conflict

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A few days ago in edition of our edition people from the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area addressed and reported that in the territory of the Kolarovsky Village Council of the Zhovtnevy area becomes ripe the next land conflict connected with an illegal raspayevaniye of the earth with use of counterfeit documents by fraud and breach of confidence.

We were told about a certain inhabitant of Nikolaev who by means of forgery received on figureheads the State Acts on the property right the earth. After obtaining Acts on the lands which are earlier belonging to other people actually, I took control of this earth. He began to dispose of it at discretion - to advertize in newspapers in sale or an exchange of this earth for other property, to look for investors on its development, namely - sand production. People assured that this nikolayevets even managed to sell four grounds with a total area about 20 Hectares.

Further inhabitants of the area told that "the aggressor of the earth" organized work of a pit on sand production. It deliberately destroys some hectares of the fertile earth.

We decided to check this information and having left on the specified place really saw that on the square some hectares the fertile layer of the earth, a large amount of sand "is removed", the way for heavy-load transport to a place of production of sand "is paved". All signs said that industrial production of sand here is really conducted. After that we appealed by phone about the Kolarovsky Village Council to confirm or disprove to us information that near Kolarovo's village the sandy pit works. To us answered that in the place specified by us there is no sandy pit.

We were interested very much by a situation with possible work of an illegal pit and illegalraspayovkalands. Soon we will publish journalistic investigation of this situation.


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