Seven natural miracles of Ukraine are defined. Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye – on the fifth place

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Today, 26-го August, exactly at 2 o'clock in the afternoon it is stopped the Internet - vote for the best natural miracles of Ukraine which in the period with 7-го July till August 26 was taken on a site Also meeting of the Organizing committee of competition "7 natural miracles of Ukraine and calculation of results of expert vote which was carried out by questioning of scientists of Institute of geological sciences of NAN of Ukraine and specialists of biological, geographical and geological faculties of leading higher education institutions of the country was held.

The best reserved territories of Ukraine "miracle" of Nikolayevshchina - regionalno - the landscape park "Granitno — Steppe Pobuzhye" - is listed the fifth. For it gave the votes of 5 516 people. Experts also agreed in opinion that this regionalno - landscape park - one of the best in Ukraine.

The national natural park "Podilski Tovtry" located in Hmelnitsky area appeared the winner of a rating. 10 968 people voted for it.

On the second place - the Dniester canyon which has captured part of territories of Vinnytsia, Ivano - Frankovsky, Ternopol and Hmelnitsky areas. It collected 7 318 votes.

The third place was taken by the Optimistic cave which is in the Ternopol area. 6 054 persons gave it the preference.

The lake Sinevir in the Zakarpatye area appeared the fourth in the list of the best. 5 675 people voted for it.

Strangely enough, the known reserve "Askaniya — Is New" which is in the Kherson area, appeared only the sixth, having conceded Granitno's place - to steppe Pobuzhyyu.

Further the list of the best corners of Ukraine looks as follows:

6. Balaklava Bay with capes Aja and Fiolent covering part of territories of Sevastopol and ARE the Crimea - 5 257 voices.

7. Marble cave in the Crimea - 5 120 voices.

8. Bukovinsky falls in Chernovitsky area - 4 896 voices.

9.The lake Svityaz on Volhynia - 4 088 voices.

10. The Karadagsky reserve in ARE the Crimea - 3 029 voices.

11. Desnyanskaya оболонь in the Chernigov area - 2 901 voices.

12. Gore Goverl on Ivano - Frankovshchina - 2 858 voices.

13. Тустань, Uritsky rocks in the Lvov area - 2 078 voices.

14. Apple-tree - a colony in the Sumy area - 2 052 voices.

15. Oleshkovsky sand in the Kherson area - 2 046 voices.

16. Basalt pillars in the Rovno area - 1 933 voices.

17. The Danube biospheric reserve in Odessa region - 1 813 voices.

18. Kanevsky mountains in the Cherkassk area - 1 770 voices.

19. Stone graves in Donetsk region - 1 703 voices.

20. Kochubeevsky oaks in Poltava region - 1 315 voices.

By results of All-Ukrainian poll of experts, ten leaders looks thus:

  • 1. Askaniya - Is new
  • 2. Marble cave
  • 3. Lake Svityaz
  • 4. Lake Sinevir
  • 5. Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye
  • 6. Podilski Tovtry
  • 7. Oleshkovsky sand
  • 8. Balaklava Bay with capes Aja and Fiolent
  • 9. Dniester canyon
  • 10. Optimistic cave

Under the terms of competition, place "price" in electronic and expert vote was identical and was defined from calculation: the first place - 21 points, the second, respectively - 20. Thus, Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye was taken by 34 points. At the Marble cave same number of points. So, Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye "shares" an honourable fourth place with the Marble cave.

We will remind that the stock "7 natural miracles of Ukraine" started 1-го November 2007-го years. 28-го February one hundred participants of the project was announced, and 7-го July finalists of an action - 21 objects were announced.

It is expected that following the results of an action it will be published spravochno - tourist literature in different languages, videos - and radio subjects which will contain information on all objects which have passed in the final of the stock "7 natural miracles of Ukraine" are prepared.


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