Sensational artifacts of times of late bronze

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Historians are sure what exactly the Cimmerian ethnos here was formed.

The Nikolaev archeologists during excavation the Wild garden found 13 axes in the natural boundary - the Celts of times of late bronze made by real masters of blacksmithing nearly three and a half millennia ago. The majority of artifacts was hidden possibly by their old owner behind walls of the house. Ancient bronze tools didn't deteriorate almost.

14-ый the axe was is found to the north of Nikolaev. Sensational finds proved that in 13 - m century B.C. the Wild garden was the political capital of the big territory. It covered present Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson areas. As well as present, пра - Nikolaev played an important role on transit ways. Historians are almost sure what exactly the Cimmerian ethnos here was formed.

For half a year of excavation the Nikolaev archeologists found the Wild garden of 9 houses of old Cimmerians in the natural boundary. Constructions stood very densely. Such architectural planning characteristic for the pradavnikh of the cities. By estimation, in the ancient settlement lived over five hundred inhabitants.

In the 13th century B.C. such big cities were only in Egypt, Entre Rios and India. And, as it appears, in the territory of modern Ukraine, reports The newspaper on - Ukrainian.


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