Ministry of Defence: Planes of NATO didn't sit down in Melitopol for two reasons

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The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine disproves the message of some mass media on allegedly landing tonight NATO planes on refueling in airfield of the city of Melitopol of the Zaporozhye area.

As reported in the Main command center of Air Forces of Armed forces of Ukraine, information specified by mass media isn't true.

According to the source, "any demands for landing, especially an emergency landing of planes of NATO on the Ukrainian airfields didn't arrive".

At the same time in the Ministry of Defence noted that flight of planes of Alliance is carried out over the territory of Turkey and under a condition if there is a need to carry out an emergency landing, most optimum to make it in this country.

At the same time the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine noted that refueling of planes of NATO which go through the region approached to Ukraine, is carried out in air.

In turn, the acting as the head of the Zaporozhye regional state administration Alexander Starukh didn't confirm information on a possible landing of planes of NATO in Melitopol.

"I am surprised that political parties are better informed, than regional public administration - there will be NATO planes in Melitopol, or not", - he told.

I recommended old women to representatives of the party organizations who picket an entrance to airfield in Melitopol, "to direct the efforts on socially - useful business, for example, on work with the scout organizations".

Information on a possible landing of foreign planes didn't confirm and in military service of a law and order of the Zaporozhye area.

As it was reported, representatives of Progressive socialist party of Ukraine and party Kievan Rus' picket an entrance to airfield in Melitopol the Zaporozhye area with the requirement not to allow a landing of planes of NATO.


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