The acting as the first Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yury Kostenko considers that basing of the Black Sea fleet of Russia in Sevastopol harms to a development of the city.

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He told about it in interview to the newspaper "Day".

"Being today the militarized city, Sevastopol can't fully develop. As it is long mooring walls which are used in the city by the Russian side, makes more than 10 running kilometers, and the sea trade port of Sevastopol has only 200 meters of moorings for processing of freights. Only 330 meters are taken away for mooring of passenger ships and the ships. About what development it is tourist - recreational potential can there be a speech? he said.

Kostenko considers that historical city monuments also suffer from stay of the BSF of Russia in Sevastopol.

"It is enough to remember that practically in the territory of the National reserve "Chersonese" - an archaeological pearl of all Black Sea Coast - the motor depot in / h 641 backs of the Black Sea fleet of Russia" is located, - Kostenko noted.

He added that from the Ukrainian party offers to the Russian officials about transferring of this motor depot which were ineffectual repeatedly arrived.

Kostenko noted that big threat of life of locals is posed by the ammunition which is storing in the city.

"All Sevastopol costs, practically on a powder keg. Thousands of tons of ammunition, one thousand tone of rockets, torpedoes, mines bear direct threat of life and safety of people", - he noted.

Kostenko focused attention that Ukraine doesn't receive proper response from Russia on a request to hold events of the BSF of Russia according to provisions of the Ukrainian national legislation as it is provided by bilateral agreements.

"Firing practice on parades proceeds, the Russian armored machinery moves on city streets", - he told.

Kostenko sees the future of Sevastopol as the international transport knot, is tourist - the recreational center with the developed industrial and agrarian infrastructure, with powerful scientifically - oceanographic and the historian - archaeological components.

He added that in implementation of these plans there is no place for stay in Sevastopol the BSF base of Russia or any other military base as it contradicts the Constitution.


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