Ukraine didn't let the Russian pilots on a training complex in the Crimea

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The group of a ship destructive aviation regiment of Northern fleet returned to the place of basing on the Kola Peninsula, without having waited for the admission for trainings to the Crimea.

"For a long time pilots were on base in the Island (The Pskov Region) where the training center of sea aircraft of the Navy of the Russian Federation is based, expecting permission of the Ukrainian party to carrying out trainings in the Crimea", - reported on Tuesday a source in a staff of sea aircraft.

According to the source, "Ukraine once again ruined plans of trainings, having without explanation refused to let pilots on scientifically - a research training complex of aircraft (THREAD) in the Crimea".

Earlier, according to intergovernmental agreements, training working off by the Russian planes on a complex in the Crimea take-off - landings in the conditions imitating the deck of the aircraft carrying ship was planned.

After collapse of the USSR land scientifically - a test training complex of aircraft (THREAD) in airfield It is new - Fedorovka in the Crimea belongs the Ukrainian Voyenno - to air forces. The exercise machine is developed specially for take off and landing working off on the deck of the aircraft carrying ships without catapult.

Several years ago the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Russia about range use vzletno - landing systems the THREAD in the Crimea.


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