And the devil to them not brother. In Yalta the militiamen "pressing" innocent

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Impunity - here than often the people who have tasted a shred of the power sin. The militiaman to whom handed over a holster and a peak-cap, is ready to consider that to him now and the devil not the brother
.meta_.meta_search.meta_ div#meta_news_ div#meta_news_block153 div#meta_news_block153 div#meta_news_block153 p div#meta_news_block153 p div#meta_news_block153 p Happens that true values are easily substituted absolutely false - not I on service for the people benefit, and now it is necessary to the people me, authorized to bear service arms, to be afraid and to tremble before me. And then innocent people cruelly suffer from an arbitrariness and punishments of pseudo-militiamen.

The conflict between two hardly familiar yaltinka arose directly on the street, in the downtown. Women in an irritation fuse not simply quarreled - fists went to a course, and to both properly got in the course of such "intelligent" showdown. Though subsequently it became clear that injuries not especially spoiled life and the health, one of ladies - Elena Kozlova (names and surnames are changed) - nursed a terrible grievance on pugnacious "girlfriend".

The person - creation, as we know, vindictive. Some even prefer to eat this "dish" cold, but Kozlova judged on - to the - having hardly waited for morning, hurried to peach to one of familiar militiamen about the incident.

Alexey Berkutov maintained long ago the friendly relations with Kozlova, and therefore at once agreed to help her with "justice" restoration. Especially as to the husband of the woman who beat Kozlova, he felt hostility. It also predetermined destiny of the man on whom Golden eagles opened hunting.

To find out where there is future victim, it is possible - nothing the suspecting Igor Morozov was on a visit at acquaintances. That thus he managed to drink a shot glass - another, also helped Berkutov.

Having taken as "support group" of two more militiamen perfectly, by the way, realizing, for what illegal actions are going to go, the valorous militiaman drove up to the house where Morozov had cultural a rest. Then the man simply called on the street under a pretext "it is necessary to talk".

Only managed without wasting words - Morozov instantly twisted, having broken for a hand back, and latched wrists handcuffs. After illegal detention the man jostled in an official car and carried to psychoneurological office of Yalta city hospital. On the road to it threatened, offended, generally, militiamen behaved as much as possible furiously to show, who in this world the main.

In Morozov's hospital physicians surveyed and issued the conclusion that he is drunk. But on it its misadventures didn't come to the end, and, it is possible to tell, only began. Morozov brought to a call center allegedly for trial concerning the conflict of his wife to Kozlova.

However the operations duty officer, having suspected wrong, I refused to place the man to the room of preliminary detention. And then Golden eagles deceived two employees of militia, having convinced to give obviously false evidences against Morozov - allegedly they saw how that, being in a public place in a state of intoxication, offended militiamen and showed resistance at detention. Berkutov's assistants also fast knurled official reports how badly and illegally Morozov behaved. And on the basis of these documents the unfortunate man locked in the conclusion room.

Trials upon the incident lasted two days, and all this time innocent Morozov was locked up. In a consequence the court decided that the illegal actions militiamen undermined prestige and authority of law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine and violated the rights protected by the Constitution and Morozov's freedoms. Each of responsible received the corresponding punishment - the conditional term of imprisonment and the right to hold positions in public service for some years.


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