"The embassy Bozhy" files a lawsuit against UT-1

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"The God's embassy" didn't like shown on air of the First national the movie about it - Mykola Veresnya's "Prevention".

About it it is reported on the official site of "God's Embassy" in the reporting on the next service of the leader of church Sandey Adeladzhi. We give the corresponding fragment in spelling of the original:

"- We understand that the youth has to go to mass media, popularize God and Kingdom values, representatives of movement spoke. Three from us already work in mass media, three more - study.

After broadcast on Canada UT of-1 scandalous, slanderous program about "God's Embassy", subject mass media is especially topical.

Pastor Sandey blessed all who has a calling for journalism to stop a lie stream.

"I release an unction to become the head, instead of a tail that the future of mass media of Ukraine depended on you. Youth, we have no choice, it is necessary to be the best! Not the second and the third but only first, best, and to put a name of God above other names that all earth worshipped to It.

Even if I won't be, but there will be you, I know that Ukraine will be in God's hands of people".

Pastor Sandey reported that the church is going to file a lawsuit against UT-1, and will demand truth and compensation restoration. "It is necessary to force them to pay for lie. Everyone has to be responsible for the words. Will suffice to close eyes to a juggling of the facts and slander. We collect board of lawyers and if someone wants to help and is ready to defend honor of church, we invite to become part of this team". Pastor Sandey blessed all who responded"


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