Ukraine sinks in the corruption sea. Russia is deeper, and here Georgia came up

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Ukraine takes the 134th place among 180 countries of the world on level of corruption and the situation in the state continues to worsen.

Results of an annual rating of an assessment of distribution of corruption testify to it in the world of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International, published on Tuesday.

According to a rating, the index of Ukraine this year made 2,5 (on a scale from zero to 10 where 0 means the highest level of perception of corruption, and 10 - the smallest, at the same time the index is lower than border 3,0 is an indicator of "galloping" corruption).

Last year the Ukrainian indicator was higher and made 2,7, and in 2006 - 2,8.

Now Ukraine takes 134-ую a position in a rating from 180-ти the countries with such countries, as Nicaragua, Pakistan, and also the Comoro Islands which also have an index 2,5 while last year Ukraine took the 118th place.

It puts Ukraine in one row with the countries which are considered the most corrupted in Europe, thus the country is regarded as such where methods of fight against corruption are inefficient, and scales of corruption increase.

From the former Soviet republics below Kazakhstan (2,2), Russia (2,1), Tajikistan, Belarus (index 2,0), Azerbaijan (1,9), Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan (1,8) have an index (and therefore corruption level is higher, according to experts and the interrogated respondents within the country and beyond its limits).

At the same time, better than Ukrainian Moldova and Armenia (2,9), Bulgaria (3,6), Romania (3,8), Georgia (3,9), Poland, Lithuania and Turkey (4,6), Slovakia and Latvia (5,0), Hungary (5,1), the Czech Republic (5,2) has result.

It is thus interesting that Georgia, which in 2006 shared with Ukraine one place in a rating (99-ое, with an indicator 2,8), showed considerable progress in overcoming of corruption and considerably raised the rating - to 3,9.

Thus, it got to the list of the countries noted by Transparency International as much improved results throughout the last year - together with Albania, Qatar, Cyprus, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Tongo and Turkey.


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