The Nikolaev pregnant women continue to fight for the chief physician of maternity hospital No. 3

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On September 23 the chief of regional management of health protection Svetlana Hotina met delegation of pregnant women who are served in maternity hospital No. 3. Future mothers decided to find out from the chief облздарава the reasons of persecutions on the chief physician of maternity hospital Vladimir Latiya.

Conversation turned out difficult. Pregnant women declared the desire to be observed only at Latiya - they trust it as to the expert. They also reminded Svetlana Hotina that she was not so long ago in a similar situation - when last year it was "pressed" by Garkusha, demanding to write the letter of resignation "at own will". Svetlana Georgiyevna, in turn, insisted on need of the translation of the chief physician to a position of the manager of office. Say, the doctor it good, anybody also doesn't doubt it, but the administrator - nikudyshniya.

Information that during the last time since the maternity hospital was headed temporarily by Anatoly Panin - it is necessary to think became big revelation for the chief облздрава, the good administrator, there died two newborns, and one baby is in reanimation of regional children's hospital. Svetlana Georgiyevna, appears, about it didn't know. I there was a speech and about "voluntary - compulsory" contributions which oblige to pay each woman in labor. However, the position in relation to the chief physician Laty remained invariable with Hotina.

"I consider that Laty "was covered" with pregnant women. Today we in the civilized world, all the issues should be resolved in court and it can defend the position", - it summed up conversation with women.


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