After yesterday's defeat of the trainer of "Miner" seized shame "for all soccer, for UEFA"

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Mircha Luchesku considers that having evened the score in a match, Spaniards violated rules Fejer - ply.

The head coach of "Miner" Mircha Luchesku on after match a press - conferences was very emotional and upset with result of a match.

- At once I want to tell that in life I didn't see anything similar. It is a shame with all soccer. And for UEFA which defends rules фейр - ply … There is nothing to tell … All saw that occurred when the ball went beyond a field. Our players remained to stand on the places. The mistake of our goalkeeper is a shortage of experience. But that is made, made. I speak so because my career depends on it and really it very strongly excites me.

I consider, we played a match well. Our football players surely won back. "Barcelona" is a great team, but it is necessary to remain professionals in any moments. The Spanish team in the national championship for game has 20-25 moments, and today they created nothing. We blocked all zones therefore the rival could oppose nothing. And if not that occurred last minutes, we precisely would pass further in the Champions League. If such episode which was today, occurred in Spain, this team wouldn't let out from the city. It wouldn't be so simple to them to depart.

… Probably, we yet don't have experience. Us catch on such trifles … Our team wasn't ready to that "Barcelona" can arrive so for realization of the moments. We spoke about it two days, remembered game with "Seville" and other matches. Informed to children that concentration has to be supermaximum, but there was that you saw. They have too young players, but they are brought up in the Spanish championship. It is more difficult to us to be the same professionals. It is possible to compare Pyatov's mistake today to Shust's mistake with "Seville". I take all blame.


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