WHO and UNICEF demand from Ukraine to continue deadly vaccination!

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The World Health Organization and Children's fund of the United Nations (UNICEF) are concerned that in Ukraine measles and rubella vaccination campaign of children was suspended.

About it it is spoken in the message of the center of news of the UN.

Of WHO and UNICEF are afraid that it can lead to the outbreak of infectious diseases in the country.

The organizations remind that in 2005-2006 Ukraine endured the heavy outbreaks of measles when more than 50 thousand young people - 80% of all cases of measles in Europe were infected.

WHO and UNICEF warn that without carrying out campaign for immunization in Ukraine again there will be outbreaks of infections.

Therefore they urge the government to confirm the obligations accepted according to strategy of WHO about elimination in Europe to measles and a rubella by 2010.

In the joint statement of WHO and UNICEF it is noted that the decision of the government of Ukraine to suspend vaccination campaign was caused by recent tragic death 17 - the summer young man from Kramatorsk.

At the same time, the special commission of Ministry of Health makes investigation of this case, and was already declared that preliminary results of investigation don't confirm communication between vaccination of the young man and his death.

To WHO and UNICEF expressed a regret concerning the decision on a suspension of campaign and vaccine withdrawal from a turn before receiving official results of investigation.

These establishments claim that the measles and rubella vaccine which is used in Ukraine, is made according to the highest international standards one of the largest producers of a vaccine against measles and a rubella in the world - Serum Institute of India.

They reminded that the vaccine is used in Ukraine since 2002, it was received by more than 1,3 million people.

This vaccine were иммунизированы about 34 million young people in Europe and in CIS countries.

As it was reported, on May 17 Ministry of Health suspended vaccination.

On May 13 in Kramatorsk the pupil of the 11th class who a day before death was imparted from measles and a rubella died.

92 persons, including 87 children, were hospitalized on May 15-17 from - for health deteriorations after vaccination against measles and a rubella (ZA 26-X vaccine) in Kramatorsk Donetsk region.

Besides, on May 15 the senior was delivered in resuscitation unit of the Kremenchug children's hospital after vaccination against measles and a rubella.


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