Championship of the Nikolaev area: silver "Voronovka", bronze "Novopetrovka"

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All participants of a football marathon finished.

First group. The passed matches.

October 14. "Ear" (Stepovoye) - "Voronovk" - 1:2 (0:1).

Arbitrator S. Voznyak, delegate P. Vinarsky. 100 viewers. Goals: Локотырь (62) - Marinich (8), Zhdanov (55).
In a debut Marinich executed a penalty from the left brow, Protsyshin disoriented the goalkeeper. And the ball flew in a gate corner. At the beginning of the second half Zhdanov skillfully sent a ball to the purpose, having come for appointment to the goalkeeper. After corner kick of Lokotyr by the head effectively I reduced the account. In oboyudostroy to fight rivals had on some chances, but … "Voronovka" won, having taken the second place and having won silver medals. Debutants of the first group novopetrovets took as a result the third place.

"Builder" (Nikolaev) - "Varvarovka" - 2:2 (2:1).

Arbitrator D. Viglidav, delegate V. Poluyanov. 100 viewers. Goals: A. Guk (2, 41) - Shpartko (30), Yarkov (61).
At Molodezhny stadium played perspective teams of this season. Varvarovtsa good chances to get to the three of prize-winners had Alexander Pasechny, and Vladimir Tkachenko's "builders" formed new team. Fighting draw - 2:2, and the last goal of tournament was scored by the veteran of regional soccer Sergey Yarkov.

"Torpedo" (Nikolaev) - "Avtolokomotiv" (Yuzhnoukrainsk) - +:-

The postponed meeting already solved nothing, South Ukrainians saved on expenses.

First groupAndInNПMAbout
4Taurus - VAK22143550-1845

According to Regulations, in case of equality of points at two and more teams, places in the table are determined by results of personal meetings. The FC "Nikolaev-2" gathered in internal matches with "Teplovik" four points (a victory and a draw) therefore it and takes higher place.

GOAL-SCORERS:Babeyko ("Varvarovk") - 18, Sheep cheese ("Novopetrovka") - 13, Satsyuk ("the Taurus - VAK", "Novopetrovka"), Shpartko ("Varvarovk") - on 11, Pukhta ("the Taurus - VAK", "Ear", "Nikolaev-2"), Brakes ("Novopetrovka"), Drachuk ("Автолокомотив") - on 10, Galstyan ("Torpedo") - 9, Dolinsky ("Ear"), Ignatyev ("Teplovik") - on 8, Vakar ("the Taurus - VAK"), White ("Avtolokomotiv", "Builder") - on 7, Yarmash ("Teplovik"), the Violin ("Torpedo", "Avtolokomotiv") - on 6, Goncharov, Tkachenko (both is "Ear"), Grankovsky ("Torpedo"), Winter, Krivoruchko (both are "Voronovka"), the King ("Builder", "A Taurus - VAK") - on 5.


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