The chief militiaman of the city told that all - prevents the Nikolaev militia to work effectively

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Yesterday, on October 15, in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies at meeting of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations of the city of Nikolaev the chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia Nikolay Svetochev, in the report on work of a municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told about many factors which prevent our militia to work more effectively.

Nikolay Timofeyevich noted severe conditions of work of employees of law enforcement agencies. Now, according to him, there was a difficult situation with personnel - old employees leave, and new years aren't late on a workplace more long. In particular, it is connected with a small salary (the ordinary militiaman gets paid 1200 UAH/month) and an unrationed operating schedule (generally home work leave not earlier 23.00).

Important, according to Nikolay Svetochev, is also that fact that only 50 militiamen in the beat from 161 are provided with own dwelling. And only 7 of 111 stand in a queue on receiving apartments this results from the fact that the majority of them were disappointed and don't hope any more to receive from the city power though any dwelling.

On - former awful there are working conditions of law enforcement officers. The chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia declared that only 100 local police inspectors are provided with own offices where they can accept citizens. It only - 68%. And those, according to him, are in an awful state: renovation was carried out to them last time 5 years ago, the furniture became outdated and simply collapses, and phones equipped only 15 offices. "How such militiaman sitting at a table 20 - summer prescription, will be able to inspire trust in people? " - Nikolay Svetochev asked participants of meeting.

The situation with the Central regional department of militia is especially deplorable. According to the same N. Svetochev, in the building where this department is, doors aren't closed at all, and windows, that and watch, will drop out on the street.

We will remind that this building is built in 1850.In the specified room the heating system is faulty, nobody was engaged in repair since March of this year when disconnected heating. "So, probably, it is necessary to include fireplaces in the winter and to sit in fur coats", - Nikolay Timofeyevich declared. In addition, in the building also there is no assembly hall where it would be possible to hold meetings, here and it is necessary to look for a place where they can be carried out.

Here also it turns out that were proud of that work in law enforcement agencies earlier, and now run from there …


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