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40 - му to the inhabitant of our area the diagnosis "cancer" is made to everyone. With such sentence live and live nearly 30 thousand nikolayevets. Here only agree to discuss this subject, to tell about it the few. It is advisable though here not to speak, - to shout.

Chur, me!

To me was years five when the mother's girlfriend, the aunt Luda died. Young, beautiful woman who is very similar to Sofia Rotara. Such it remained in my childhood memories. Adults were whispered in kitchen, - "the cancer killed Luda". What for хворь the such? I learned over time. At first the terrible illness carried away friends and my familiar parents. And in 34 years my close friend was burned with a cancer - the coeval, cheerful Lilechka already.

From - for fear it is simple to court trouble we from it we wave away. "Chur, me, чур! It doesn't happen to me. Can't. Shouldn't! " Don't doubt, precisely present patients of an onkodispaser so thought. Those who else trusts in a miracle and those who already isn't present. Those whom discharged from hospital to die at home. And those who in hope for recovery sold the apartment, giving, all. Treatment demands enormous expenses. One session of chemotherapy - 6 thousand hryvnias. And appoint not less than ten. The acquaintance at whom now in a clinic the close relative lies told about it. With the fourth stage of a cancer. It is clear that no "chemistry" any more will rescue. Easiest - to accuse of all troubles of doctors. But all - not the doctor is guilty that the illness chose the victim. Though … But it already other history.

Both to speak, and to write, and even terribly to think of oncology. Now in female consultations surely take the analysis on existence of cancer cells. I ask, - when to wait for result? In reply, - "don't worry, to you will call. If that …". And you shudder from each phone call. Passes month, another. Thank God, didn't call!

In claws of a cancer

The term "cancer" came to us from ancient times and is connected with that when people didn't know a being of an illness, designated it on a certain sign. The Latin word a kantser (cancer) - a cancer, Ancient Greek каркинос (karkinas) - a crab. By analogy between outgrowths of a malignant tumor in fabrics surrounding it and extremities of a cancer, a crab, a disease also called a cancer.Today a problem of growth of number of oncological diseases - one of main around the world. According to WHO forecasts, to 2020 - му to year the number of patients will increase twice. With 10 to 20 million new cases and with 6 to 12 million registered death.

Have cancer in Europe and America, in the West and the East. By the way, in the east is more rare. In China, for example, only 11 cases on hundred thousand of population. Doctors explain such phenomenon with culture of food. The use of vegetable, healthy food unambiguously reduces risk of a disease. Ukraine, as well as many states of the former Union, has high level of oncological danger. The reasons are clear, - poverty, unhealthy habits, improper feeding, bad ecology, a poor condition of medicine, and, eventually, absence of information on how not to allow an illness or to reveal it at early stages.

I "will please" nikolayevets. Our area takes the third place in Ukraine on number of oncological diseases. Ahead - Sevastopol and Kirovograd. The lowest incidence in the Western Ukraine, - in Zakarpatye, Volynsk, Ivano - Frankovskoy areas. If at us fix 70 cases on 10 thousand of population, there only 30-40. As for local geography of an illness, that "rakoopasny" areas, - Nikolaev, the Nikolaev, New Odessa, Vradiyevsky, Snigirevsky areas. Least of all cases in Elanetsky, Berezansk, Bratsk areas. However, as the chief physician of regional oncology dispensary Pyotr Beznosenko, this statistics very conditional explained. In Elantsa, maybe, less cases, but only because of illness not identification.

Pyotr Ivanovich reported and encouraging news. If by number of the diseased we is valid on the third place, on mortality already for 19 ohms. And this fact allows not only to be glad for our medicine, but also to draw a conclusion. Cancer it is possible and it is necessary to treat! "At the first and second stage of an oncological disease, - the doctor, - an absolute recovery speaks, in any case, at a cancer of a mammary gland, comes in 85% from all cases. At the third and fourth stages percent much less. Therefore it is very important to find in time a tumor, to diagnose it and to appoint treatment. Then business won't reach 3 and 4 stages". Natural question - as it is possible to reveal an illness independently? It appears, it is possible. The matter is that, for example, at women of 70% of oncological diseases gives in to visual inspection. Cancer of a mammary gland, skin, thyroid gland and others.And on supervision of the experts, nine of ten women find in themselves a tumor of a mammary gland at early stages. Means, chances of recovery considerably increase.

Breast on the screen? Pornography!

About a cancer of a mammary gland at meeting Nikolaev the press - club was told by the chief physician of regional oncology dispensary Pyotr Beznosenko managing office of a mammology Vasily Zapukhlyak, the acting regional obstetrician - the gynecologist Evgeny Gromadsky. Spoke not incidentally. In - the first, there is an occasion - on October 20 - Day of fight against a cancer of a mammary gland. In - the second, this fine part of a female body is most subject to a malignant tumor. Each hour in Ukraine of a mammary gland is died by one woman from cancer. Each 40 minutes find a new case of a cancer of a mammary gland. Every day 450-500 Ukrainian women address to the doctor - the mammologist. Cancer of a mammary gland - the leader of female oncology. (At men, by the way, the prostate gland "is in the lead").

In group of risk - women of 40 years. On supervision of experts, in age group of 20-30 years of only 2% of the diseased, 30-40 years - 11%, 40-50 - 25%, 50-60 years of-25%, 60-70 years - 23%, are more senior - the remained percent. Illness - always only a consequence. The main reasons - late childbirth, refusal of chest feeding, abortions. And, alas, - smoking! It is proved that this addiction leads to hormonal violations. It is possible to claim that for illness development by a background also physical injuries, mastitis and mastopatiya, obesity, a hypertension, improper feeding are favorable. There is also a heredity factor (7%). Vasily Zapukhlyak says that cases when in one chamber lie mother with the daughter or sisters are frequent.

Doctors are absolutely sure: the woman herself is able to find in herself a tumor. Vasily Ivanovich tells that in the developed countries self-inspection of mammary glands - procedure so habitual, as well as toothbrushing. In hospitals, in public places extend leaflets with the detailed guide to breast self-inspection. Women know how to do it, and do. Do not to find an illness and to be convinced in own health. Pass - opinion poll which I carried out among the girlfriends, I showed that none of them specially don't survey itself(himself). And many simply don't know how to do it.

- We are ready to help women! - Pyotr Beznosenko declares. - We are ready to give materials with illustrations in newspapers, videos on television. But we can't.Observers of moral consider that the female breast from the screen can be regarded as a pornography. And mass media simply don't want to place the recommendation about breast self-inspection. Speak, - you pay, as for advertizing. Advertizing of that?

Here it is valid, idiocy any. Appears, naked priests and other parts of a body with whom everything abounds that sees an eye, it is possible. And a technique of inspection of a breast it is impossible. Alcohol and smoking advertizing - it is possible. And advertizing of health isn't present. It is good that though the separate pharmacological companies teach elementary skills. On a reverse side of the handbill of one medical preparation recommendations about self-inspection with the corresponding illustrations are printed.

Preparing this material, naturally, I dug on the Internet. There are special sites on oncology. I found letters of people who endured an illness, or those who lost relatives. I suggest to read the letter of the woman from Cherkass to be convinced, - for health it is necessary to fight.

"I am 62 years old, I have a good family, the beautiful husband, kind and attentive sons, grandsons grow up. I like to work at dacha. With pleasure I am engaged in cookery, I try to feed the family with rather healthy food. I try to make festive every day lives. It is microcosm expensive to me which is necessary to me and to which I, of course, am still necessary. But this big world could cease to exist for me 19 years ago. Then, at the age of 43 years, I found in myself a tumor of a mammary gland. It appeared - a cancer. The first instinctive reaction - fear which paralyzed me to such an extent that couldn't breathe. Then - despair. And at the same time there was a desire to fight, survive. I made the decision immediately. In the next three days operated me. In spite of the fact that I am a doctor, the therapist in the specialty, my knowledge of oncology was very limited therefore entirely I trusted in experts. Unfortunately, the postoperative period became complicated lymphatic hypostasis of a hand, my negative emotional infusion why amplified. Not only that as a result of operation there was an essential physical defect - lost an intimate female charm, my illness became a subject of sympathetic discussion. The first half a year - suffering and a flour. I oppressed not so much fear of recurrence of the illness, how many consciousness of the physical inferiority adjoining almost on ugliness. There were thoughts of plastic rehabilitation surgery, but lymphatic hypostasis was a barrier on a way to it.I was on inspection in rehabilitation office All-Union twice (now Moscow) oncology center, I communicated with other patients of office. As a result of treated, mainly psychotherapeutic, gradually I got used and adapted for the new state. I got used to thought that occurred to me it is irreversible, and I began itself by all means available to me to restore health. I did medical gymnastics (a special complex of exercises for patients after a mastectomy), repeated massages of a hand thus usedmassage capes, I carried out the recommended complex treatment of lymphatic hypostasis of a hand. As a result I achieved sufficient compensation лимфооттока, the hand considerably decreased in the volume though I didn't reach the former sizes, on - visible, time was missed and irreversible changes of a fibrotization were as a result formed. I write everything: "I... ", and conscience starts tormenting me. Anything to me wouldn't manage to achieve, after all I couldn't even consult with by itself, if not understanding, the sensitive sparing relation of the spouse, tactful participation of friends, my loved ones. All this helped me to overcome the trouble.

So, nearly 20 years I live and I am well as the full-fledged member of society, sometimes, and over the years even more often, forgetting about the defects.

This my confession is addressed to all young and not really to women who have to, are obliged to prevent at itself a cancer of a mammary gland. For this purpose I can give the advice checked by life:

- to order a way of life, to adhere to a reasonable mode of work and rest. The chronic fatigue can't allow, always it is necessary to find time for a sufficient dream, rest;

- regularly to go in for physical culture;

- to observe rules of healthy good nutrition, mainly due to restriction of fats of an animal origin and increase in a diet of natural vegetable food. Not to overeat! Not to get fat! ;

- to create round itself a favorable psychoemotional situation, excluding from the circle of contacts of people not nice and unpleasant;

- to exclude repeated abortions;

- to feeding mothers to seize the correct equipment of chest feeding of children;

- monthly to probe mammary glands and at detection of any consolidation to consult at the oncologist;

I hope, my personal experience, councils gained by life and the transferred illness will help much to live life fully, without fatal losses of health. If someone is overtaken by similar trouble, don't despair, trust, first of all, to itself and close people who don't want you to lose. Fight for health. Sincerely I wish you success".


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