The Nikolaev archeologists are concerned: while "the Wild Garden" has no status, citizens turn it into a dump

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In July the archaeological season in the ancient settlement "Wild Garden" began. Excavation of the settlement of an era of late bronze, to which more than three thousand years proceeds. This summer archeologists investigate 20-е on the account the room, and the ancient earth "throws" new finds and new riddles. About it the newspaper "writesEvening Nikolaev".

Recently here whole "bouquet" of informative subjects is found. It is available all signs of "family life" in No. 20: the owner, probably, "traded" in meat cutting; the hostess - spun cloths from wool; пест - a hammer the head of the family used for processing, most likely, bronze products. And the steles reminding a contour of the person, probably, symbolize a cult of worship deceased or to heroes.

Opening all new and new rooms, archeologists make the general plan of the Wild Garden.

- Today we with full confidence can already tell that in the Wild Garden there was no chaotic building, it was built "architecturally", everything was planned and calculated, - the head of excavation, the senior teacher of NNU of V. Sukhomlinsky, "The citizen of year-2007"considersKirill Gorbenko. - And it means, there were the "designers" owning skills in geometry. There were handicraftsmen who realized this plan. There were, at last, leaders - "the city authorities", managed to unite round themselves people and to organize their life, activity, protection against enemies, to establish commercial relations with far lands.

All these opening and finds allow to draw conclusions about which was to speak early 5 years ago: the ancient settlement destroyed all ideas of our region as about barbarous as the Wild Garden appeared before researchers as difficult organized society.

The past year brought to the Nikolaev archeologists a solution of one more secret of the Wild Garden. When all researches, probably will be finished, this ceramic disk with a diameter of 5 cm becomes "sensation from sensations". In a collection of the Wild Garden of such disks not less than ten - round, oval, rectangular.

As notes the edition, the excavation - the more sensations is farther. And with that surprises the indifferent relation of the city authorities, a depuy corps to an archeology monument more. The Wild Garden on - former has no official status.To show excavation to city visitors who constantly arise upon excursions, it is impossible - there is no exposition look. Archeologists dig out rooms, investigate and right there close again that barbarous люд - inhabitants of the third millennium - I didn't ruin a unique monument finally.

During the winter citizens plentifully fill up the ancient settlement territory with household garbage. And with approach of spring like to prepare here shish kebabs "outdoors overlooking Ingulsky flood" - alas, as a brazier ancient stones are used. When archeologists do remarks ignorant, inhabitants absolutely fairly notice: And where it is written, what it is impossible? Where a sign what is an archeology monument?

"How to convince city heads what the ancient territory quickly needs to be fenced with a fence? Or at least for a start to put the banner, informing that is the archaeological reserve and its earth it is protected by the law … approximately as it made in squares on all city. Then it will be possible to discipline a little at least citizens and to include the ancient settlement in a route of patrol of a police squad", - writes the edition.

We will remind as earlier reported "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the official status isn't present and at the Nikolaev necropolis, and while in Nikolaev горвласть delays its status, there break off graves and trucks take out ogradka.


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