The virus of bird flu can be brought in the Nikolaev area in the period of seasonal migrations of birds

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To approach of the period of migration of birds again started talking about "bird flu" - a viral disease which is transferred from feathery to people. The pandemic which began in China in 1889, captured at present all planet. Already today 50% of the population had the disease caused by a virus of flu A.

In Ukraine the virus was registered, in particular, in the territory ARE the Crimea. Also there were cases of a wild bird in the Odessa, Kherson and Sumy areas. According to Ivan Pokhvishchev, the leading expert - эпизоотолога the Nikolaev regional laboratory, at us this virus wasn't registered. According to him, it is connected with that the wild bird had already natural immunity which struggles with a disease.

But nevertheless, as Ivan Efimovich noticed, entering of a virus of bird flu on the territory of Ukraine, and in particular, and in the Nikolaev area is possible during seasonal migration of a wild bird. It is known that flight takes also part of our area.

This year autumn migration is planned in October - November, this period and will be considered as peak of possible diseases of poultry.

To protect itself and the family from a possible disease Ivan Pokhvishchev explains how it is possible to reveal a sick bird. "Virus manifestation at birds various, is more often this posineniye of a crest, the convulsive phenomena, also there can be puffinesses in the head and eyelids, - Ivan Efimovich tells. - If the bird nevertheless is sick, the help of special veterinarians who will check health of a bird" is necessary for her.


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