A half of nikolayevets doesn't read local newspapers and doesn't watch local TV channels

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Results of the research conducted by the Center socially - economic and political researches and the Prospect technologies together with consulting agency "F5" in July of this year are that.

Research was conducted within own project of the Perspektiva Center "Information space of Nikolaev". This year research was limited to only local newspapers and TV channels, and also the radio stations broadcasting in the territory of Nikolaev. Next year it is planned to study also popularity of regional magazines and the Internet - resources.

And so, nikolayevets asked about, whether they read regional newspapers, whether watch local TV channels and whether listen to the radio stations broadcasting in Nikolaev.

Also respondents asked to specify, which regional newspapers they read, what local TV channels look and what radio stations listen. And 53,88% of nikolayevets answered that at all don't read regional newspapers.

In our opinion, it is possible to call a situation difficult, but not critical. Every year the number of issued newspapers grows in Nikolaev, and it conducts to competition increase in the market of masses - media. And though the competition it is good, in the conditions of low solvency of the population and a constant rise in prices for essentials the high competition can lead to closing of some newspapers.

Other part of nikolayevets was divided into two unequal parts. One read newspapers regularly (their slightly more than 40%), and others (4,01%) - from time to time. That is, according to results of research, it is possible to say that 9/10 all readers of the Nikolaev newspapers read them regularly. And it, you see, is very quite good.

Among those respondents who read regional newspapers, the majority read more than one printing edition - certain newspapers regularly, others it is irregular. Often the general audience of the newspaper defined during research, exceeds its circulation.

Such it is possible for the reason that the considerable number of people reads newspapers at work (means that newspapers acquired by the employer read), some change with neighbors and friends different newspapers, someone uses libraries, etc.The most popular newspapers are issued several times a week, and part of readers only chetvergovy number, and other part only reads, for example, the Saturday.

It is necessary to add that the majority of the Nikolaev newspapers has steady audience.

Don't read regional newspapers of 66,39% of nikolayevets at the age of 18-29 years. It is slightly less "not reading" among aged people of 30-39 years - 63,18%. 55,95% of respondents at the age of 40-49 years read regional newspapers regularly. Exactly nikolayevets were divided into two half at the age of 50-59 years - 50,00% at all don't read local newspapers, and as much read them.

Thus 45,83% are regular, and 4,17% from time to time.

If to speak about other division of readers, both men, and women read newspapers (or don't read) practically in an identical proportion. However, women read regional newspapers slightly more and more often.

Among nikolayevets of 51,91% regularly reading newspaper have the higher education. Further together with decrease in an education level the number of regular readers decreases. Among people of 71,43% having incomplete secondary education at all don't read local newspapers.

Now about television. The regional TV channels broadcasting in Nikolaev, also watch about a half of residents. And as well as with a regularity of reading newspapers, part of nikolayevets watch local television regularly (their 41,10%), and part - no, (7,27%).

In the majority at all don't watch local TV channels young people at the age of 18-29 years and 30-39 years - 61,67% and 67,91% respectively. Nikolayevets pay more attention to regional television at more advanced age, beginning of 40 years.

So, for example, at the age of 40-49 years regularly watch transmissions of local TV channels of 44,35% of residents. At the age of 50-59 years already it is more than a half - 51,67%, and at the age of 60 years also is more senior - 56,86% of nikolayevets. Probably, there is more time for television.

Both women, and men watch local TV channels practically in identical proportions. Regularly they are watched by 40,06% of men and 41,93% of women.

As for education, among those nikolayevets who regularly watch local TV channels, the majority have secondary vocational education (47,81%).

It is possible to tell one about radio stations - they are listened practically by all. Nearly 74% of residents listen to the radio stations broadcasting in Nikolaev, from them 72,24% are regular and 1,69% from time to time.

The vast majority of respondents listen regularly to more than one radio station. As a rule, radio listeners have a number of radio stations to which they listen regularly and some radio stations to which they listen irregularly.

Unlike newspapers and TV channels, radio is listened regularly by more than 96% of young people at the age of 18-29 years. Don't lag behind them and nikolayevets at the age of 30-39 years - 88,85% from them listen to radio regularly. In more senior age categories the number of regular radio listeners gradually decreases. At the age of 40-49 years of their 66,07%, in 50-59 years - 60,83%, and in category of 60 years also are more senior - 47,80%.

There is also one more difference. By results of research among listeners of radio stations there are more than men. More than 82% of respondents - men declared that listen to radio stations regularly or from time to time. Among women such only 66,70%.

Here citizens showed such results during poll. We will look that will be next year. Everyone can draw own conclusions on influence of the regional press and television on information space of our city. The majority of the radio stations broadcasting in Nikolaev, are relayed from other cities.

And the quantity of the information materials which are directly concerning Nikolaev, in their air isn't enough to have any impact on citizens. Perhaps, only political advertizing which will be much soon can make an exception.

And little reference information. In total in our area more than 300 newspapers and magazines are registered. From them, according to information directorate and public relations of the Nikolaev regional state administration, periodically there are 108 editions. Editorial offices of 60 newspapers are in Nikolaev.

To city territories regularly come in air of 5 local TV channels and 15 radio stations (on averages and FM waves).

During research it was interrogated 1596 respondents representing adult population of the city of Nikolaev at the age of 18 years and is more senior. Survey was conducted in all administrative regions of the city. Theoretical error 1-й steps of selection of  2,45%, at an interval of trust 0,95.


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