Despite preventions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and physicians, inhabitants of the Nikolaev area continue to eat mushrooms

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For last week some facts of poisoning are established by mushrooms.

So, on October 21 in токсико - therapeutic office of BSMP of Nikolaev with poisoning the inhabitant of Nikolaev of 1985 year of birth was delivered.

On October 23 on Kosmonavtov St., 134 g of Nikolaev there was an established fact of group poisoning with mushrooms. In токсико - therapeutic office of BSMP the local of M. of 1988 year of birth, the inhabitant were delivered To. 1968 year of birth and inhabitant of the Item 1939 of year of birth. Owing to poisoning P.'s citizen died.

On October 24 in Bashtansky TsRB with poisoning the inhabitant of page Lotskino of the Bashtansky area was hospitalized. Unfortunately, 54 - the summer man didn't manage to be rescued.

On October 26 one more fact of group poisoning by mushrooms in Nikolaev was established. In токсико - therapeutic office of BSMP the married couple - the husband of 1982 year of birth and the wife of 1986 year of birth was hospitalized. Their son of 2006 year of birth and minor Sh. of 1996 year of birth was taken to Regional children's hospital.


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