In one of kindergartens of Nikolaev the child fell ill with tuberculosis?

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The other day in edition of our edition the concerned parents which children attend kindergarten No. 66 called. According to them, one child from a kindergarten fell ill with tuberculosis, having caught from already ill mother.

In this regard the statement we addressed to the head of the kindergarten Valentina Afanasyevna (the woman refused to tell a surname). It disproved everything told by parents, having reported that this information is an invention.

"Mother of one of children is really sick, but the child is quite healthy, at present it is in sanatorium "Oaklets". We have a reference where it is written down that it has no tuberculosis. Besides, at us the sanepidemstantion of Leninsky district carried out an inspection and found nothing. However, we to the building of a kindergarten don't let his mother and the grandmother", - Valentina Afanasyevna makes comments.

Elizabeth Tsukanova managing a sanemidemstantion of Leninsky district, confirmed that kindergarten check really was, were checked both children, and employees of a garden.

"That the child is in sanatorium "Oaklets", still means nothing, is just like that got that children who had a direct contact with sick tuberculosis, go for some weeks to preventive sanatorium. But it not sick children, for patients are special hospitals, - Elizabeth Yakovlevna tells, - in Leninsky district already long ago there were no cases of patients with tuberculosis, in particular, in kindergartens. And if it, God forbid, happened, there would be a state of emergency, about it knew all".

But, despite the optimistic result, some parents nevertheless ceased to drive the children in kindergarten No. 66.

Reference: Tuberculosis is the infectious disease extended by an air way. Source of an infection are people with the lungs affected with tuberculosis. At cough, sneezing, conversation such people allocate tubercular bacteria - bacilli. To catch, it is enough to inhale only insignificant quantity of bacilli.


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