The advertized march of the Russian fascists in the Crimea was limited to burning Xing - a yellow effigy in a narrow circle

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250 people in Simferopol took part today in "The Russian march" on the occasion of the Russian holiday - Day of national unity.

Activists and supporters of the Russian community of the Crimea and plaid games "Russian Block" a public prayer in Pyotr and Pavel's temple then march under music passed streets of Simferopol to a mortgage stone of future monument to the Russian empress Catherine II in the morning.

Near a stone the meeting devoted to protection of the rights of the Russian population of the Crimea was organized.

Participants of meeting whom, by militia estimates, there were about 250 people, held in hand flags and tags of "The Russian block", the Russian community of the Crimea, and also flags of the Russian Federation.

Protesters acted under banners with inscriptions: "We are inhabitants of the Crimea, and we are proud of that we Russians", "The Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation - the guarantor of the world and stability in the Crimea", etc.

At the end of an action its participants poured gasoline and burned an effigy with the image of the chairman of National council of Ukraine concerning television and broadcasting Vitaly Shevchenko. The effigy with the plate "The official - the russophob" was dressed in is yellow - blue clothes. Thus protesters expressed a protest against come into force on November 1 decisions of the National Council on withdrawal from the list of software products of all providers of a cable television of Ukraine of the TV channels not adapted for the Ukrainian legislation, including Russian.

In Sevastopol today by the Russian Day of national unity assigned wreaths and flowers to the Memorial to heroic defenders of the city in 1941-1942

Members of the Council of War of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation participated in a ceremony headed by the chief of a staff of the BSF of the Russian Federation vice-the admiral Alexander Troyanam, and also the chairman of the Sevastopol City Council Valery Saratov, the first deputy chairman of a gorgosadministration Vladimir Kazarin, the acting as the commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine vice-the admiral Victor Maksimov. Some representatives also participated in action of "The Russian community of Sevastopol".

In Russia today, on November 4, celebrate Day of national unity. This holiday is connected with events of 1612 when fighters of a national militia under Minin and Pozharsky's leadership by storm took China - the city, having exempted Moscow from Poles.


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