Nastya Kamenskikh's Nikolaev secret

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Very few people will believe that sexy Nastya Kamenskikh is in love with the simple guy.

The beauty it is safely possible to carry to those who judges the man not on purse thickness, and on its attitude towards the woman, care and respect.

The serdeena of business to the beauty had to hide quite long time. The reason of that her favourite guy remained in the shadow, there was a strict ban of her producer.

For public Nastya had to remain the free and lonely girl, after all ratings above all. Such deal didn't suit the girl, but to go against the will of the producer was fraught with scandal.

The beloved Kamenskikh call Vova. They meet Nastya more than three years. They have even an identical age, to them for 20 years. Alas, lovers live in the different cities, and they should meet not frequently, but each free minute they use for continuous communication with each other. And in what Nastya wouldn't stay to the country, it will always find opportunity to call darling to hear a native voice and to tell the latest news, and Vova, in turn, comes on Nastya's concerts, be it in Kiev or in Moscow.

"Prince" of Nastya lives in Nikolaev.Despite the early age, it is already successful businessman though still while it is impossible to call his public person. Vova operates personal business he got which in inheritance from the father and, besides, also brings up the little sister, after all happened in Vova's life the tragedy left it without parents.

The Kamensk it is rather happy in the relations and even already reflects on family creation, after all to give birth to the child from the beloved for the woman - the most great happiness!


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