Witz - the mayor against placement of billboards on the prospectus, but will start cleaning them only after elections

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Illegally established billboards in Nikolaev «will go under a knife» only after elections. About it to the edition «Podrobnosti.mk.ua» the deputy of the Nikolaev mayordeclaredVladimir Guller.

We will remind as earlier it was reported, on the main street of Nikolaev, despite the two-month moratorium on installation of advertizing designs, there was new city - light with propaganda for the candidate - «regionalka» Larisa Hobta. As it became clear, city - light was established illegally. Besides, on Tuesday, October 15 at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Sadovaya Street two new billboards of 3 by 6 meters were established in a half a day, and too in a consequence with propaganda forLarisa Hobta.

Witz - the mayor supervising the matters, despite all this, all the same began to insist that he is the categorical opponent of such large number of advertizing designs in Nikolaev.

-My position is known by all city. I am the categorical opponent, I repeatedly told it, such quantity of advertizing designs in the city which is today…I–the initiator of changes or additions to Rules of advertizing taking into account restriction. We have a basic historical plan. And so, in limits of the basic historical plan, that is, in historical part of the city, in general I offered elimination of large-size advertizing designs. Only city - лайты. City - light has to shine, it has to be an additional svetotochka…Is скролы–the latest, remarkable design. They cost much, but it is time to leave these monsters–billboards, бигбордов. If businessmen want to be engaged in such business, let invest money…It will be and is esthetic, plus such beautiful designs will be readable, - toldVladimir Guller.

However to pass from words to actions the deputyVladimir Chaika, it is obvious, doesn't plan not to end yet pre-election campaign as on a question when will take down illegal designs, it answered:

- We discussed today this situation with the mayor in the morning.Exactly after the termination of elections…Without looking at faces, persons, financial position, a state and the status, all of them will go under a knife (billboards–PN)…How many it is possible to suffer what is created in the city?

We will note that hardly it is possible to consider as coincidence that on the above boards the candidateis promotedHobta, and to take down these designsGullergathers only after elections. It is worth emphasizing also that in spite of the fact that the chief architect of the cityAlexander Bondarconstantly speaks that it categorically against such plentiful quantity of billboards in Nikolaev, and that constantly throws the same statements profile vice-the mayorGuller, billboards on streets of Nikolaev becomes more and more.

It is worth reminding also that the billboards established on October 15 at the intersection of Lenin and Garden, belong to firmVladislava Entina, which, according to informal information, is in the friendly relations with the mayorVladimir Chaikaand vice-the mayorVladimir Guller.

Андрей Лохматов

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