The prices grow in Nikolaev

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In October inflation in Ukraine made 1,7%: food, rent, heating, communication, the passenger transport, different goods and services rose in price. In comparison with October of last year - the consumer price index made 23,2%, in comparison with December of last year - 18%.

In the consumer market in October of food price and soft drinks grew by 1,1%, reports the State committee of statistics of Ukraine. Most of all (on 15 eggs rose in price. - 4,7% grew by 1,8% in price fats, milk, fruit, cheeses and butter. Together with it for 0,6% - 5,5% fell in price sunflower oil, fowl, pork, rice and potatoes.

Tariffs for housing, water, the electric power, gas and other types of fuel grew by 4,4% due to rise in prices for a rent and heating. Communication services rose in price for 4,6%. In the State Committee statisticians consider that it is proved by growth of a monthly fee for using phone for 19,8%.

Rise in prices for transport is connected with that rail and road passenger traffic rose in price for 3,3% - 3,7%. At the same time, gasoline fell in price for 4%. Mining industry production in October fell in price for 3,5% at what in production toplivno - power minerals of the price decreased by 7,5%.

In processing industry the price decreased by 4,3%. Most of all production in metallurgical production and production of finished metal products, chemical production, production of coke, oil processing products - for 7,5% - 9,9% fell in price. In production of dairy products and ice cream, sugar, bread and bakery products the prices raised by 0,7% - 1,9%.

In production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water of the price grew by 10,6%.


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