The mushroom season ended, and nikolayevets continue to be poisoned

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Despite end of a mushroom season, nikolayevets continue to get to hospitals as a result of poisoning with forest gifts. So, this year in the Nikolaev area from poisoning with wild-growing mushrooms 31 cases as a result of which are registered 50 inhabitants of area suffered.

Six people died, including two children. In 2007 for the similar period 20 cases of poisonings as a result of which 40 people suffered were recorded, six people was lost.

The main reason for poisonings - the use poisonous, old or mushrooms - deceivers. Sometimes even skilled mushroom pickers who for years bring together them, confuse very dangerous pale toadstool to russulas. And - deceivers not to count such mushrooms.

In this regard we recommend strongly to get mushrooms only in stationary outlets. If the "mushroom" misfortune already happened to you - and poisoning symptoms (nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea) are shown in 6-12 hours - immediately call "ambulance". And main thing: rather you will be given qualified help, the poisoning consequence will be weaker.

Remember! Poisoning with mushrooms - very serious illness, be extremely careful during the collecting, purchase and preparation of mushrooms. It you keep the health and health of relatives to you people.


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