Foreign "grooms" consider the Nikolaev women as swindlers, and urge to treat them, as to...

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"Never perceive seriously women from the former Soviet Union. They are guilty, yet didn't prove the innocence. They consider that men are purses with feet. Heart – for one, a vagina – for all"

"Behind the Iron Curtain. Love on - Soviet"

Nikolaev - the city of brides not only for Ukraine. Such concentration of beautiful women on square meter "takes down a tower" to the men who have got here from CIS countries and the abroad. A small amount of men and the big competition among women forces them to be always on the ball, to remain indecently beautiful and defiant. They live as it is necessary, and it is necessary at them on everything. They know the own worth and are in demand. In vicious communications aren't noticed … Wasn't? Isn't present … aren't noticed …

The Nikolaev women, on one of versions, descendants of the convicts deported on ship-building shipyards, and selected on an entertainment to convicts of beautiful prostitutes. These obstinate and it is divine - beautiful creations became extraordinary attractive object for men of the whole world. And demand, as we know, gives rise to the offer. And lovely ladies began to publish the questionnaires on the websites of marriage agencies.

In Nikolaev we are familiar with business of marriage agencies all. Yes, business. Practical and mercantile the ex-the Soviet people know that there earn easy money of the girl which want additional earnings, are in the decree, simply don't want to stay at home, but also don't want to spoil itself a hard work.

Earnings there not big, nevertheless is a good practice of the foreign languages, the pleasant communication, a stimulating little flirtation and balm on vanity. And such agencies in Nikolaev it happened so many that here them ceased to register. Under the questionnaire of the girl in a chat her guy, mother and in general, anyone can correspond.

Task of the girl - to be the courteous, tender and pleasant interlocutor, for certain surcharges - more frank services in video - a chat. In every minute of such communication the girl and agency receive a money from - for a hillock. The cent to cent - also can be bought couple of new rags. And if you part" "darling" on a gift - it will transfer money which will be received by you. And a box with the gifts presented on a site - in a box between tables of girls.It was photographed - and you sent to a "favourite" photo with gratitude supposedly here what cool bear to me sent! Bunch of flowers? Easily! On Soviet still nobody cancelled the flower market - for chervonets to you will allow to be taken for the smartest bouquet and to make with it a photo … And dollars on the electronic account won't wither, though don't smell …

Two years in Nikolaev lives 42 - the summer American Chris Parker - Cyrus, the native of the state Texas, teaches in Nikolaev English language courses. The former lawyer, the owner of law firm who visited 25 countries and a set of the cities, is confident - in Nikolaev the most beautiful women. Chris who itself now meets the Nikolaev girl, and is very happy with the relations, doesn't intend to leave. But for the fellow countrymen Chris wrote the book "Behind the Iron Curtain. Love on - Soviet", based on stories of friends - the foreigners who were injured from insidiousness of the Nikolaev ladies. Knowing that foreigners, came across and will come across the same rake, Chris decided "to equip" them with "helmets" in the form of the knowledge obtained from the book. Because it is warned - means it is armed!

"For the first time, when it explained the vision of the Ukrainian women, it used the hands to show a lead which densely tightened at it on a neck and strong hold. Showing it, he told in broken English: "Ukrainian woman as dog". He meant that with the Ukrainian woman it is necessary to treat as a dog. At that moment it expressed the point of view on the fact that foreign men don't understand how it is necessary to treat the Ukrainian women correctly. Though he not completely explained the view of things, appear, it meant that the man has to control the Ukrainian woman very rigidly. It has to constrain it if necessary and direct it there where he wants and when he wants. In other words, the man has to dominate over the woman as her owner even if she doesn't obey it" - tells from pages of the book ex-Ukrainian Andrey.

"After sex Bill and Natasha talked a little, smoking in a bed. Through any time they had sex again. Bill could get used to it as he felt deep proximity and love to this beautiful woman quickly. He incredibly liked to look at it, to caress it, to kiss it, to embrace her and, certainly, to make love to it. Soon after that they made love for the third time. Bill started thinking that hardly there is someone better than Natasha.

Then Natasha quietly looked at it and told him one news. The darling and gentle voice she told it with the Ukrainian accent: "Bill, is sorry for me, but I will get divorced from you. While you were in Canada, I met other man. I fell in love with it and intend to be with it". Bill was incredibly shocked, shaken and excited. The speech power was taken away from it. All this was for it a perfect surprise. Natasha added: "If you want, we can have sex once again before I will leave", is the culmination of the story of the victim from Natascia Bill's insidiousness.

- And you, Chris, used services of marriage agencies in Nikolaev?

- No, me in advance warned that it is dangerous that agencies is a fraud. I was careful and didn't use their services.

- And where you in that case met women?

- At restaurants, through friends and acquaintances, got acquainted in the company of people. With whom already I had good relations.

- What so attracts foreigners in Nikolaev and local girls why you here go?

- Different men from the different countries have requirements. But the majority really comes to look for the wife. Those who communicates in a chat for the sake of an entertainment - they don't go. Those who is adjusted on the serious relations come. And having got to Nikolaev, at them it is simple "takes down a tower" from such abundance of beautiful women.

- Than you don't accept your women?

- In - the first, they not such beautiful. It is possible to stay in some cities of America the whole day on the street and in days to meet only one nice woman. In the west of the girl, so to speak, the mannish. They constantly fight for equality, try to be same, as men. Ukrainians more womanly. The man and the woman have to supplement each other, to be opposite, instead of to fight with each other. Especially, on a site the man sees the beautiful picture, to it write pleasant warm words - and he trusts of. Why the woman writes, what the age difference in 20 years is not a hindrance, what here love the senior men? Why she tells it? It comes behind it, wants to marry it therefore he and addresses in MARRIAGE AGENCY. And in practice it appears that it isn't interesting to it. It spends money for flight, comes, drives it on restaurants, dresses, gives money. It also carry from Soviet to "Ropongi" by a taxi for 200 UAH. And then it vanishes. He doesn't know its phone where she lives, her friends.This fraud! In America for such the police would arrest both the girl and owners of such "marriage" agency.

- And why foreigners consider, what if the man paid for something, the girl has to fall in love with him at once? After all they also come to meet, recognize each other. Probably, the man it becomes valid it isn't interesting to the lady? Really it can't win heart of the lady something, except money. After all only Slavic women, have a concept "with darling love in a cottage".

- The man, coming here, lays hopes on a meeting. He trusts everything and doesn't suspect that him simply want to use. It is a problem of a difference of cultures. Here other women demanding other approach.

"Itself fix a place of your meeting, without allowing it to interfere. Don't allow it to use itself as the sponsor or a meal ticket simply to throw you after you treated it kindly.

Get the list of alternating girls and update it constantly. In that case you will have a list of girls as it has a list of men. Also, if from one of them there are problems, you will be able to pass to five, ten or twenty other girls in your list. Thus, you won't spend time, being killed on it WHEN she will throw you. In other words, protect itself from inevitable" - such exports were written down by Chris in the book according to the injured foreigners.

- Then why foreigners who come here to darling - only, having got to this "flower bed", start running behind the shortest skirts and the most available women? Why don't observe chastity for that to which went, don't achieve it?

- It is very heavy to keep here - too many temptations. At everyone, of course, the reasons. In my book different stories of different men are described, everyone had reasons and occasions to arrive. But most often - these men wanted to find the good wife.

- Chris, you live in Nikolaev two years - how many it is necessary to the foreign man of time "to adapt" in this beauty and to start thinking adequately?

- It is impossible to get used to it.

- What "to find the good wife in your understanding" - the beautiful, inexpensive housemaid on all hands?

- Here it is more beautiful than the woman, really, is more womanly. And they are good hostesses. They more woman, than Western.

"Nevertheless, some still believe that good women all - are in the former Soviet Union that these women still believe in traditional values that they can be trusted that they, really, want to have relations full of love, happiness and fidelity for the rest of life", - Chris writes.

- Chris for whom your book is designed and where it can be got?

- First of all, the book is written for foreign men who use services of marriage agencies. When, arrived from Nikolaev or from Ukraine men, tell that marriage agencies are a business and fraud - to them simply don't trust. Though in Ukraine all this know and perceive, as due.

The electronic version of the book in English can be got on a site for 14, 95 dollars. I already sent the book to publishing house in America, now she waits for the turn.

"When foreigners come to the former Soviet Union, they are naive concerning distinctions between the West and the East. They see people who, generally - that, are similar to them, but they don't see distinctions which exist in mentality of people. People in the east got used to fight for a survival during all the life, and they became hardened, but at once it is difficult to make out it. They possess ability to show compassion and warm-heartedness but when the main care of life is the survival, these qualities can't be in lists of prime necessity. Most likely, they will make that consider necessary for the survival. Such point of view was brought to a limit in which in the West never was need. They I can ask such questions how "Why this situation or this person is necessary to me? " or "That you can make for me? " If the answer to them such is that they don't see for themselves a sure gain, they can break up with the person to please more useful person or opportunity, or they can keep the person around while they look for the best opportunity or other person. It is obvious that the most popular method to maintain the relations consists in continuous presence of two or more partners, as opportunities for mercenary use. "

The majority of men, obeying yet to not atrophied hunting instinct, wish to catch obstinate, moderately bitchy, beautiful woman. And let it has a wind in the head - but thoughts always fresh, and let it be difficult to throw it because she doesn't manage to be taken for a start, but the devil doesn't sleep. with whom got.They learned to play by man's rules, they were able to enter long ago burning log huts and to stop at full tilt horses. And therefore often them "no" means "no", instead of "I am expensive feature". The western women same, only are more honest. Ours learned to play to receive that is necessary for them. Not to fight, to prove nothing to anybody, not to think and most often not to strain, and it is simple to play roles.

The artificial virtual world generated artificial lewd men and artificial greedy women. To floor - life, a floor - game, love for fun and real money.

What or who forces foreigners to continue to come there where they are "thrown" by these "stinkers"? Why this process can't stop. Why women don't accept overseas grooms?

But after all correctly speak, playing with a cat, don't complain of scratches.

ENcounter in Nikolaev: "We can't be brought down from a way, to us all the same, where to go! "
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More than fifty people ransacking on the night city with lamps, buildings examining wall in search of a scribble, it is proud called by "crapes", "tags" and the "codes", caracoling by cars from a decline till the dawn is ENcounter'ы.

Briefing from organizers on a threshold of a city town hall

Here and in the night from Saturday to Sunday 16 autocrews gathered near the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies for the game "Diary of the Lonely Stalker-2". The first anniversary of the domain was celebratedOrganizers gave introduction instructions, participants were registered, start …

was given

Waiting for start

Registration sheets - teams on low start

are filled

Certificates of participants - without them won't help and won't prompt

From ammunition at players of an autoquest - convenient clothes (the camouflage is more often), GPS-navigators, the laptop, lamps and "yellow pages of Nikolaev".

Stickers from the ravine on a car - not obligatory, but pleasant attribute of participation in enkaunter

The map of the city - is irreplaceable and useful, but sharpness is all the same more important

"The fall slowly came into the own.I drove a hoarse horn warm rains, взвихряла the gold leaves which were inevitably flying from trees under feet by the passerby. The velvet evening sky which was pleasing to the eye by mad August shooting stars, gradually found quiet blue of September. And only one place around the world remained indifferent to all changes - Her Majesty of Sohn.
Only it didn't concern neither pouring rains, nor a leaf fall. Only there time passed not as around the world. Only there every day left towards to danger worse, than death, the people who have made risk the life. Stalkers …"

Here it, a tag (or "crape") - means in a radius of 20 m - a code

Yes, in the dark, when you don't see all this stuff around, and that isn't so terrible

And here the first task comes to a laptop - some lines in an epistolary genre - in intricate offers the direction in which it is necessary to move to the first location is hidden. And there - or the tag designating that in a radius of 20 meters from it the marker drew a code which needs to be entered to move to the following level, or there is an agent who will induce you to do something. And you will make it to receive a code.

You don't wish to take a night bath? - reminds a psychodelic picture in a genre a horror

We had to embroider only, but happened that participants happened to arrange amateur performance displays - verses, songs, pantomimes.

Game begins at 21.00 and comes to an end in the morning - and праздношатающихся gapers less, and to disturb there is nobody. Nevertheless, there are excesses - this time when at night about 30 people in a camouflage and with lamps ransacked round one house in search of codes, sympathizing ubiquitous grannies made the assumption that mined the house. On questions of the curious - "And what you here look for - with? " it is better to answer laconically - "Cat". While it is necessary to play in locations within the city - not to avoid communication with curious people.

Ill-fated code - only 25-й... From association of nouns it is better to abstract - they cast a depression...

But the further in the wood, as they say, the fatter generals. After the task, consisting of structure of products came, and Google reported that it is the recipe of the Guryev porridge, crews rushed off in Guryevka of the Nikolaev area. There teams expected the thrown cowsheds, some of which were meters on 20 in length.These dilapidated, badly smelling, with the dried-up traces of digestive activity of the cows, faunae of insects teeming with representatives, in outer darkness these constructions settled down approximately on two square kilometers. Here it was necessary to find 33 codes. The rain started drizzling, boots kneaded dirt of a strange consistence with the broken glasses, the lamp at all didn't shine the thrown cowshed at all length, the torn loops of mouldering doors hysterically creaked … Examining each brick in search of a code, eyes tensely "scanned" the image. Through a couple of hours laborious mega - search many representatives of teams started inquiring after about health of organizers and on - kind to wish them much summer … Process was madly fascinating, though difficult.

Whether you here are checked, afraid of the dark, the closed spaces, spiders... (list never-ending)

Game ended in the morning, when already thoroughly it is light. Tired, but crews very happy with gathered in a place of the last location, congratulated each other on the end of game and parted to have a rest. By results of game won the free@style teams, Stalkers of FORCE, Boxers - 1, 2 and 3 place respectively. Winners will receive rewards and symbolical prizes.

Attention, sharpness, speed and good lamp - the integral attributes of an enkaunter

And in two weeks the city of Nikolaev is expected by the next shake-up - the game "The Full Anthology of Dialogues of the Serf Yard Keeper Gerasim and Mu's His Doggie — Mu" … Promising title, truth?

It is possible to get to the ENcounter'ов team through acquaintances or on a site It is game for people with good sharpness, attentiveness and endurance. Also good knowledge of the city and equipment minimum is desirable. And then the night city can throw down a challenge safely!

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