Features of national medicine

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There is an opinion that it is better not to get to hospitals. But there are after all situations when there is no place to disappear and in accordance with the circumstances it is necessary to ask for the help medicine stars.

Several weeks ago after falling from three-meter height I had to go to the doctor with a trauma. A foot pain was shown not at once, but in some days became almost intolerable. The nearest policlinic with which theoretically would have to help, No. 4 on Admiral's. The woman in registry met very friendly, having kindly distracted from a cup of tea: "Who? From where? From our area? And, педын. Yes, we serve. What? The foot hurts? Well, to you to the traumatologist. Office such - that. But now don't go. It isn't present. Come tomorrow. However, tomorrow it too won't accept you. The x-ray picture of a foot is necessary. Where it is possible to make? In general at us. But now the device doesn't work for us. And you see that we have a repair. Where still? Well, I don't know. I can't help you anything. You after all aren't registered in the city".

Strange, it seems after all not Soviet Union, a registration shouldn't play such role …

A foot pain forced to try success in other policlinic.

There the same friendly woman in registry instead of a greeting at once asked about a registration. "You not from our area? You aren't registered not in the city? " - this information why - that was to it sincere surprising. - Then to you not to us, and in hospital which serves your university". Eventually, the woman entered a situation a little and advised to pass in a pre-medical office, but not for assistance and to learn, whether will be able to serve me in this policlinic or not.

I decided to stop at nothing. "And the x-ray device too doesn't work for us. We do only pictures of teeth. It isn't necessary for you? " - the woman in a x-ray office at once offered the help. It the first who gave though any practical advice: "Idit Vy, the darling, in BSMP. There to you for certain can".

So, BSMP. Having sat out in turns before fracture clinic in BSMP, at last I got to the doctor. Having told it about the problem, in reply I heard: "Well, I anything can't help you. You were late exactly for 5 days. It was necessary to come at once after a trauma. It is an emergency medical service office". In total - I achieved that made at least a x-ray picture. This pleasure - only 8 UAH cost not much. The crack didn't appear, but treatment was required from "the" traumatologist.

Thus, again it was necessary to return to the same policlinic No. 4. The woman in registry again met very polite tone: "The traumatologist accepts after a dinner".

To find an office of the doctor, it was necessary to walk on hospital enough - long. There was it on the third floor (all conditions for people with injuries which, rising on steps are created, at once have opportunity to develop the injured extremities).

Before an office of the doctor - the person 20. Perhaps, those 2,5 hours spent to turns to the traumatologist, were the most interesting. People with various injuries got in various situations. At each trauma the history.

For example, to the man with a fracture of a hand imposed plaster in BSMP. Right there, in policlinic, all remade, told that at such type of a change incorrectly recorded a hand. But a hand pain why - that still haunts it. Here it came to one more inspection. The woman with the broken hands was traumatized, leaving a minibus. The driver at a stop I didn't consider necessary to wait while she will set foot on land, and I went. To the woman remained nothing how to meet promptly coming nearer earth hands. Minibus number, naturally, nobody remembered.

And the traumatologist kindly gave to the patients opportunity to communicate among themselves, periodically leaving an office of minutes on 20 and disappearing in the unknown direction. "Has a rest, the poor thing", - sympathetically spoke the woman with a fracture of the leg.

All reception takes no more than 5 minutes from the had a rest traumatologist. Glance on the picture, at once the written-out drugs which "can be bought from us in a drugstore"... "Perhaps look at a foot? ". Answer: "And what for? I see that the crack isn't present. If doesn't cease to be ill, then you will come once again", - the doctor told at parting. That's all.

It wasn't necessary to go once again. Treatment helped. Pain passed after a while in itself, so strong there was an unwillingness again to get to this atmosphere of hospitality and care.

As one woman told the old woman in turn in hospital on a request to make out unclear handwriting of the doctor in a card: "Don't read you it, and that still you will fall ill". So it is better not to face our medicine, even on trifles. And that is chance to become the constant patient of the neuropathologist or the psychologist.

Елена Марченко

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