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Even crisis didn't affect bureaucracy which became stronger and practically became part of our life from Soviet period. I will give an example over which it would be possible to laugh if it isn't so bitter.

On October 22 in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the commission considered a question of debts of the Nikolaev enterprises for a salary. Mikhail Sharabrin became the last businessman whom the director of management of work and a social security Sergey Bondarenko hauled up "on the carpet".

This person organized state of emergency "Samson" in whom only four persons work. According to documents the debt of this enterprise to workers on a salary makes 31 thousand 800 hryvnias. The debt collected in 2007 from - that the Ochakov fish-canning combine still didn't pay off with the enterprise.

Mikhail Sharabrin answered Sergey Bondarenko's question as affairs at the enterprise are:

- After last meeting no changes happened. I and still had debt to itself. To itself because at the enterprise work I, my wife, my daughter and still the accountant. To repay a debt to the accountant, I took the loan. But I pay that it all the same.

After that members of the commission unanimously began to smile. But strict tone didn't replace.

- Why you didn't pay off with yourselves? - Sergey Bondarenko asked. - And when satisfy a debt?

- When with me will pay off, - Sharabrin told. - I have to myself. To what it everything?

- How many your salary makes? - again Bondarenko asked.

- One and a half thousand hryvnias, - Sharabrin answered.

- We put to you term, - began Bondarenko.

- Without any terms, - Sharabrin interrupted him. - I as will arrive on combine, there is closed, protection constantly changes, on the enterprise me don't let, directors aren't present, the combine costs.

- The law doesn't establish that relatives can't pay a salary, - one of members of the commission told. - We recommended to Sharabrin to appeal to court. But he doesn't trust court and considers that I pound it won't give. But are long - that is, and it is necessary to pay them.

- We wait from you for real actions, - Bondarenko told. - If we don't see them, we will invite to the following meeting of the commission. And we will take then measures.

- You me constantly send that to prosecutor's office, still where - that, - the businessman didn't restrain. - I already penalties paid more, than salaries. Where you still will send me?

- Repay debt, - I cut off Bondarenko.

Meeting of the commission ended.

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Елена Марченко

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