Once again about militia...

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In the past weekend we celebrated Day of militia. This year the nature accompanied a holiday. Severe work and severe weather. My operators got stuck in a "snow" jam on the route, is offensive because we planned to remove and this plot. But, alas...

Though, certainly the holiday was successful. Personally I was surprised pleasantly by that fact that were awarded not only heads, and and employees of an average, a younger link. It was necessary to see the person shining for pleasure лейтенантика, received the warrant on the apartment from hands of the mayor. Certainly 4 apartments are a hardly anything. But it is all the same pleasant.

Financial crisis concerned all society. And the militia now survives as all of us, is more exact as can. A lot of things depend on the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs. And at us in the field of for the last years next Day of militia and the next chief Uvd.Bezuslovno, it reminds personnel rotation a little. I won't be mistaken if I tell that so frequent change of the management of the Department of Internal Affairs can't have positive impact on militia work as a whole. Offensively that use the Nikolaev area as a peculiar springboard before higher appointments. And nevertheless, after appointment to the post of the head of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Uvarov V. G. wants to wish only one: let's the person work quietly at least some years. It will be sure the end result only the positive.

He already also is now visible this result. To the best work a press changed - services УВД.Она became more democratic, open. The atmosphere in collective changed.

Certainly, problems were, is and will be. But to those police officers for whom the service became not only the chosen profession, and a way of life, I would like to wish that in the forefront always and everywhere for them there was a law letter.

With a holiday you, protecting us!

Елена Марченко

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