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Whether there is a tear of the child of all benefits of the world?

(F. M. Dostoyevsky)

To the chairman of the Nikolaev regional councilDemchenko T. B.,

To the chairman of the Nikolaev regional public administrationGarkushe A.N.

To the Nikolaev mayorTo V.D.'s seagull

To the Nikolaev regional territorial community

To the Nikolaev city territorial community

To mass media of the city of Nikolaev and Nikolaev area

Dear Tatyana Vasilyevna!

Dear Alexey Nikolaevich!

Dear Vladimir Dmitriyevich!

Dear inhabitants of the Nikolaev area!

Dear residents of Nikolaev!

Today, we the Nikolaev social movement "Parents against drugs! ", are extremely concerned progressing, it is simple - the frightening growth of alcoholic and drug addiction among children and teenagers.

Every day all new and new cases of crimes of juvenile, being in state drug and alcoholic intoxication are registered. In city hospitals and areas children, often in an unconsciousness after reception of so-called low alcohol drinks, beer, wine, vodka, and often drugs regularly arrive! ! ! Disability and mortality as a result of reception of drugs grows, the HIV number - infected increases, (in Nikolaev 1-2 Vichinfitsirovannykh daily dies, in area about 150 such patients are registered every month).

Many parents lost control over the children and belief in the solution of this problem. The chaos and anarchy reigns in society, we observe everywhere aggressive advertizing of beer, vodka, tobacco, immoral behavior.The family institute collapses!

We remind all of you that according to WHO researches (World Health Organization)UKRAINE WINS FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD ON CHILDREN'S AND TEENAGE ALCOHOLISM! ! !

Specified information is distributed worldwide by mass media, became property of other countries, the international financial organizations, private investors.

In Ukraine, thus, want to put a brand, so-called "the washed-up country", "the country which didn't take place", that is the country with irrevocably degenerating people which can't be perceived neither as the faithful partner nor as the reliable borrower as the authoritative member of the world community.

The Ukrainian doctors of all specialties who face this problem, sound fighting alarm: the majority of poisonings of children and teenagers has alcoholic character; the number of uglinesses, physical and intellectual defects at the newborns called by alcoholism of young parents, and in particular - mothers increases; children dependent on alcohol and teenagers grow sickly, painful, physically weak, intellectually and spiritually poor, incapable neither to support itself, nor to give rise to healthy posterity.

It is established by the conducted researches that the children, started to drink alcohol aged till 14 years, become alcoholics five times faster, than their companions who have started it to do at the age of 21 year and are more senior. Recovers early alcohol much heavier, than acquired at mature age. Early alcoholism is a direct and shortest way to drugs, AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases conducting to early death.

Children's and teenage alcoholism, both in Ukraine, and in the Nikolaev area and in the city of Nikolaev, is generated first of all, aggressive advance in sale of easy soft alcoholic drinks and especially beer, their free availability to children and teenagers.

But not less destructive role is played here by drinkable traditions of the people, underestimation, and even full misunderstanding by people of that damage which alcohol causes to health in general both to children's and teenage health in particular, inaction and connivance of the authorities of all levels and appointments, falling of public morals, loss by children spiritually - moral guidelines and the purposes in life, is indifferent - indifferent people the relation to own future, the future of the children, grandsons and great-grandsons.

- Unfortunately, adequately the people, the power, business of Ukraine, the Nikolaev area, the city of Nikolaev didn't shudder yet from such international superiority of our country, didn't realize threats following from it, didn't undertake any actions for elimination of such dangerous and shameful phenomenon, as children's and teenage alcoholism and drug addiction, for which - an abyss of which the country never to get out.

Considering that threat of children's and teenage alcoholism and drug addiction already concerned or social movement "Parents against drugs can concern each of us, inhabitants of the Nikolaev area and the city of Nikolaev! " calls Nikolaev regional and Nikolaev city territorial communities:

a) all together: (parents, the power, the public, business, teachers, physicians, law enforcement agencies, church) courageously to agree with World Health Organization conclusions that in Ukraine in general, in the Nikolaev area and in the city of Nikolaev - in particular, children's and teenage alcoholism and drug addiction really exist that they pose real threat for health of future generations and therefore have to be liquidated as the phenomenon forever;

b) all it is together honest, with obligatory involvement of plenipotentiary international experts, to determine the true sizes, depth and tendencies of children's and teenage alcoholism in the Nikolaev area and the city of Nikolaev;

c) all together qualitatively to develop the comprehensive target program of prime and perspective joint actions of regional and city territorial communities, the authorities and businessmen of area and the city on elimination in the Nikolaev area and the city of Nikolaev of such dangerous and shameful phenomena, as children's and teenage alcoholism and drug addiction;

d) to all together persistently to prove to the whole world that the Nikolaev area and the city of Nikolaev are forever free from such evil as children's and teenage alcoholism and drug addiction and all consequences generated by them and it is convincing to show to other areas, the cities, settlements and the villages of Ukraine a worthy example of uncompromising fight for future generation!.

We, initiative group of social movement "Parents against drugs" consider that only having combined efforts of parents, the authorities, the public, business, teachers, physicians, law enforcement agencies, church, we will be able to resolve this burning issue.

We already developed the complex of actions aimed at the solution of this problem.

We address to you, dear Tatyana Vasilyevna, not only as to the Chairman of regional council, and and as to mother, for which children - the most sacred on the earth, to you, dear Alexey Nikolaevich, as to the father of three daughters, to you, dear Vladimir Dmitriyevich as to the father of two children and we urge you to join our movement.

Thousand of inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina whom it is a grief concerned directly, already supported our initiative.

We are sure that this address will support and many authoritative people, what health of the nation and the future of Ukraine isn't indifferent will render it assistance.

Only having rallied in uniform purposeful movement, we will be able to help each other and to our children to find the worthy future!

And only together we successfully will begin and we will victoriously finish irreconcilable war against children's and teenage alcoholism and drug addiction!

NIKOLAEV - Our CITY! ! ! And we won't give it …

With us God!

On behalf of the Nikolaev office of All-Ukrainian social movement "Parents against drugs! "

Publisher and founder of the Gorozhanin magazine Yury of YuRIN.

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