Don't create an idol!

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How the official purposes of any institute of the power were ennobled, noble and disinterested, daily decisions are made by mere mortals under the influence of incentives similar that work in business. It means that people act proceeding from own, instead of public interests more often. And the mayor of Nikolaev, making any decision, an exception of this rule isn't.

Long ago was established that any policy including city, it is subject to influence of the groups pursuing the special interests. And therefore real affairs are defined not so much by public interests, how many an infinite train of exclusively private questions. Certainly, in verbal disputes opinions of a bulk win more often, but really everything is controlled at all by the majority. So occurs because interests of strong minority are well concentrated and they are ready to pay for the wellbeing, and pay to those whom bulks choose. The ordinary voter except own voice can't give anything to the candidate and won't give. And people capable to pay election campaign of the applicant for a chair of the mayor, having the right to count on return of expenses and, certainly, with decent dividends. And when this or that official is elected many times, it means that he regularly compensated expenses that who paid his pre-election actions.

The told has no borders and national distinctions. These approaches in Nikolaev work so effectively, as well as in New - York. Any essential differences pre-election fights Ukrainian from Russians, American or still any have no - the human essence is shown everywhere equally.

10 years of watch at a wheel of Nikolaev of V.D. Chaika passed. What the significant occurred for this period? Of what achievements of this period of life of Nikolaev the bulk will be proud in centuries?

In my opinion, it is possible on the basis of not absolutely full data, but events of epoch-making scale avoided the city. Monitoring of mass media didn't allow to find that was the focus of attention of the country in life of Nikolaev and would cause a positive resonance in other cities and regions with desire to repeat, continue, develop. But much by what the subsequent generations hardly will be fenced took place. In particular for the first decade of the XXI century:

ÞNikolaev didn't get the person, widely recognizable to the country;

Þthere was no Nikolaev and the shipbuilding center;once powerful shipbuilding couldn't declare itself a loud voice;

Þthe majority of the enterprises working in the city, replaced a place of the registration, having left here only remains from the income;

Þbreak in world intellectual and cultural spaces didn't take place;

Þriver and sea passenger traffic went to legends;

Þsignificant sights it wasn't added;

Þthe city didn't begin to shine with purity and improvement;

Þcooperation with Moscow, Kiev, other cities and the countries left a considerable trace only on shelves of city archives.

For the first decade of the XXI century of life of the city in it the fastest rates the services sector trade, financial, household, but, as a rule, business not the Nikolaev origin developed. For example, unclear, than Nikolaev is engaged in Moscow (Mass media about it are silent) but it is known that Moscow does at us - keeps bank - to us for the benefit, and on profit. Probably, such relations are considered as the mutually advantageous.

And what in the same time occurred round Nikolaev? In the city, located all in an hour of flight from Nikolaev constructed the plane by which the world wants to fly. In closer city create rockets, including such without which it is impossible to learn weather for tomorrow. Almost near Nikolayev the line for the high-speed tram is laid to save time and money, but not to nikolayevets. Nearby built the stadium, one of the best in Europe. Neighbors carried out the international film festival, a shipbuilding and navigation exhibition and laid the foundation modern not one highway. And still a lot of things which is many others, but all where - that very close or nearly nearby, instead of in Nikolaev.So that in vicinities of Nikolaev business life boils without lunch breaks and for the weekend.

The next elections of the city power in which the greatest interest is caused by fights for a chair of the mayor approach. Already surnames of competitors of the first chair of the city began to sound. In a bulk possible outcomes of this fight are in every possible way discussed. And on channels of local mass media it is carried that the surname of the mayor present allegedly sounds more brightly and most often than the others. However it isn't really believed that Nikolaev wishes colourless board, generally for income tax for a salary of citizens further.

Certainly, during board of the acting mayor of forces at it it was saved up. Against the present power if dare to express, all is very shy what wellbeing directly depends on the sums in the city budget are teachers, physicians, housing and communal services. And businessmen from cooperation with the present power of special opposition won't show already tasted fruits. Now many officials in offices on Admiral's are already known for it and conditions of access to them are established. And arrival to the power of any new team will break this order that to equivalently new expenses of time and efforts. And knowing about it, on the eve of the future elective fights the acting mayor feels more steadily, than all other competitors of the main city chair. Opposition with the power regional strongly doesn't frighten it. It too had no special friendship with two previous governors of the region, and he was elected the mayor without their support and blessing.

However wise men everywhere broadcast - you don't create an idol, including from the mayor of Nikolaev,as:

it already built the house →

it already grew up a garden →

I lifted children and I supported →

So the mayor of Nikolaev already executed national precepts

and to wait from it for something new and unusual doesn't follow:

"time to scatter stones already passed".

V.A. Nikitin, expert of the All-Ukrainian expert network

Владимир Никитин

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