"Sticks" of militia indicators in wheels of candidates

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Power structures are almost the most important trump in a sleeve of each power. Fight against corruption, drug traffic, with human trafficking and the weapon (financial whales on whom actually, the world financial pyramid), and also solvability of crimes against property, freedoms, honor and the advantage, justice keeps and against all other – in these spheres the new power when the speech will come about pre-election ratings will traditionally brag of merits.

Today the Nikolaev militiamen work in the strengthened mode - they need "to close" eight months of year with good indicators. That it was opened crimes more, than for the similar period last year that more bandits were caught, more drugs and the weapon are found.

At the beginning of the cadence the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anatoly Mogilev said that the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs works by the old Soviet principle of indicators and it needs to be changed.

The chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia Nikolay Svetochev emphasized that "sticks" - not the best method of an assessment of activity of militia:

- My vision as person who long worked in this system, I would change a lot of things. When we meet veterans, I often from them hear: "For all the time, how many I serve, anything in system didn't exchange, especially these "sticks" - indicators. Radically it is necessary to reconsider it. The population, instead of indicators various has to give to militia an assessment.

Moreover, forcing militiamen to implement plans for indicators, the management consciously pushes militiamen on falsification (as non-performance of plans threatens with reprimands and loss of part of a salary), forces to distract from disclosure of more resonant crimes but which demand more time for their disclosure (well who looked for Pukacha when plans for drugs, the weapon and a lot of "administrators" "hung").

However, sometimes all "hatka" the President Victor Yanukovych - on one of a press breaks - conferences he declared that is dissatisfied with a situation with law enforcement in Ukraine. He noted that with its arrival in Ukraine the number of serious crimes grew by 40%. So for it valorous militiamen also tried! Revealed crimes! And it also isn't happy.

Resigning from the post of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area the general - the major Vladimir Uvarov told:

- And I can tell you that criteria of an assessment need to be changed considerably.In any measure already departed from criteria which were at the Soviet Union and even what were 2-3 years ago. They already aren't present. Reporting form, number of reports it was sharply reduced. If the new management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs goes on such way and plus will be farther to it only. And system including.

But the new guide to this way didn't go.

But today, for example, fighters of special forces "Golden eagle" which submits to militia of public safety, work, happens, and on system "days - 8 hours - days". If to indicators don't hold out.

The same fate comprehends also employees patrulno - sentry duty, and all those who works at the street and as anybody is involved in formation of these indicators.

Nobody argues, the militiaman is obliged to transfer all burdens and deprivations with firmness. But days not sleeping militiaman at a wheel of the official car - not simply tired employee, it - life threat for other employees who are with it in the car, and also for other participants of traffic. In case of, God forbid, that, it and can "sit down".

According to the Labour Code, the working day makes 40 hours per week. Under the Law "About Militia", the staff of Department of Internal Affairs have the right to involve in overtime work at any time. But, again according to the Labour Code, no more than at 120 o'clock in a year. But now about common sense the speech doesn't go.

The strengthened operating mode of militiamen, in particular, with approach of the next elections in local councils - an indicator of that the militia became very close to the power.

Fairy tales under slogans "We will change system! We will cancel indicators! To us give qualitative, instead of quantitative work! Down with falsifications! " more anybody, alas, don't encourage.

Here already and the chief of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Lvov area Bogdan Shchur will stand for regional council according to lists of Party of Regions. Bogdan Shchur reported about it on August 18 in time a press - conferences.

So, maybe, and someone from the Nikolaev militiamen "makes up" for indicators that was than to brag when time will come to take a place in lists wishing to participate on elections on October 31? The power - that the same - executive - here only a link another. It is necessary to guess only who in a blue uniform intended to become the candidate …

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