We prepare for September First

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There was literally a couple of days about new academic year. Soon at city schools the First call will sound, new academic year will begin. At schools of the Nikolaev area for the first time about ten thousand pupils will sit down at a school desk.

They look forward the first call and the first day at school. New friends, new impressions, new knowledge … But for parents, despite all conviviality of this event, it is new expenses. In comparison with last year, in Nikolaev, as well as in other cities, the prices of school goods this year grew by 10-15%. And now many parents should save and save to send the child behind knowledge. Today, completely "to equip" the school student, parents should give all the best, but a choice - the widest. Various children's specialized shops updated long ago the range by new academic year. The city markets don't lag behind - on "Central" and on "Ear" nearly an every day it is possible to see children with a brand new satchel in hands and their parents with the anxious persons. What list and cost of the main school goods?

Form - without it in any way. In separate educational institutions the school uniform is obligatory. On sale there are school suits both domestic, and foreign production of various coloring - blue, green, red, claret. It is possible to buy a ready set, it is possible to sew under the order, but it is more expensive. And for girls the cost of a school suit will be slightly higher - approximately than percent on fifteen. The cost of classical "three" for the boy - trousers, a shirt, a jacket or a vest - from hundred forty hryvnias in the market and, at least, from two hundred in shops. For the senior - beginning from five hundred hryvnias. The house-keeper - option - to buy things separately, in that case it will be possible to save to hundred hryvnias and things will approach more by the size. For girls "two" - the short skirt and a vest - in shop will manage at least two hundred hryvnias, in the market there are options cheaper. Traditional white blouse - from hundred and above, a sundress popular in this year - from four hundred hryvnias.

At physical education classes, as we know, the jumpsuit is necessary. To it requirements not such rigid - it has to be convenient for sports activities. The good jumpsuit "begins" from three hundred fifty hryvnias. But in the city markets it is possible to find cheaper - quality, of course, will be lower. Sports pants can be bought and for fifty hryvnias.Sneakers for exercises - on the average about hundred fifty hryvnias, gym shoes - are much cheaper, but they badly "breathe". Ideal and therefore expensive footwear - leather - "begins" with two hundred fifty hryvnias.

Total the good set "a school uniform + a jumpsuit" complete with shoes and sneakers will manage on the average about one thousand hryvnias.

Important question there is a purchase of a school satchel. Long ago those times when we went to school with portfolios sank into oblivion. It is proved that the child who bears school "belongings" in one hand, risks over time to receive a backbone curvature. For this reason today in fashion backpacks and satchels, especially with an ergonomic back which "caves in" under a back of the child and as result, the backpack doesn't overstrain. They are necessary for pupils of elementary grades. Today it is possible to find school backpacks of any color, a form and drawing - not less than twenty types. The prices, however, "bite" - for a firm thing it is necessary to lay out to four hundred hryvnias. But if not to pursue a brand, - from hundred fifty and above.

On the average for a backpack it is necessary to lay out about three hundred hryvnias.

Further - the school office too will fine cost a pretty penny. Not to do without diary - from three hryvnias, a writing-book - thin - from sixty kopeks and the general - from four hryvnias, a cover for writing-books and textbooks - from forty kopeks for unit, and still handles - from two hryvnias, different pencils, rulers, sketch pads, paints, a cardboard, plasticine - on these goods demand now the huge. Generally a difference - in design and quality of goods. From here and dispersion of the prices - it is natural, many parents look today not only at functionality of these subjects, but also at design, trying to get to young talents something bright. It is excessive to speak, how many and that it is necessary - for example if first graders manage" twenty or thirty thin writing-books, it will be necessary for seniors as much, but the general.

Elementary calculations say that the school office will cost not less than two hundred hryvnias.

Generally, I won't be mistaken if I assume that future school student will manage to parents in the sum about one and a half thousand hryvnias. And if the child in a family not one? We will save.How?

First of all, buying the same school uniform keep in mind that your child continues to grow, and probably next year you should give all the best once again on a new set. In that case, whether there is a sense to overpay for branded clothes and footwear? However, if in a family there is a brother or the sister, it not a problem - "the continuity of generations" remains.

The Internet will help to spend more rationally money for school goods. At specialized parental forums "school" questions - that, where, how much are often discussed? And also that is important, what quality of production of this or that producer. Be not too lazy to collect information, to ask forumites some questions - and it can hold from purchase of unfairly expensive or low-quality thing. Very often, by the way, are discussed рюкзаи.

In principle, today are very popular the Internet - shops. It is possible to buy online anything, and the range of school goods isn't less, than in the markets, and the main thing - is a little, and is sometimes significantly cheaper. If you decided to buy a set of a school uniform or a satchel in the Internet - shop, be convinced of reputation of firm - the seller, attentively study the description of goods and delivery terms, read responses. Because in most cases the Internet - purchases are made on condition of 100%-advance payments, and in case of any frauds to return the money will be problematic.

But most often parents prefer to buy young to "rodents of granite of science" all the best a traditional way - in the market or in children's shop. It is clear that there is no wish to save on quality of education of the kids. But as they say: "The doctrine - light …", and it is necessary to pay for light …

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