In Nikolaev in due time was more coolly, than in Odessa. Here only to tell about it there is nobody ….

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It wouldn't be desirable to repeat banalities, but for this purpose they and exist that from time to time to quote them. Well, and so to you maxim: "SOCIETY WHICH DOESN'T REMEMBER the PAST, DOESN'T DESERVE the FUTURE". For this simple reason the Nikofilm studio attended to opening of one more project. Namely - creation of a series of documentary films about stories of the city of Nikolaev.

Why Nikolaev? Well, in - the first, we here live and as to all normal inhabitants of this city, us it is simply curious to know about WHERE we live.

In - the second, Nikolaev - not Kiev. Our capital turns from year to year approximately into that, in what Moscow for all other Russia turned. Keen on own metropolitan life, it life of country towns in the same measure as us life where - нибудь in Uganda interests interests. So to expect from there attention and support it isn't necessary.

In - the third, collecting and studying a material, we dare to claim: the history of our city is interesting and some places is mysterious. Whether many know history of the Nikolaev vaults? And who knows, what the first international meeting of soccer teams occurred in Nikolaev, instead of in Petersburg, according to historians of sports? We tell to admirers of a criminal subject that with this matter in our city was more coolly, than in Odessa of times of Beni of Shout.

Were both the Robin a buzzing and the чикатилы. Another thing is that Odessa of that time had the chronicler Isaak Babel (and not only he one), and in Nikolaev such wasn't. By the way, by the way there is a wish to ask to whom is known that fact, what formally Babel is the native of the city of Nikolaev?

Here monasteries of chroniclers also haunt. In no way we aren't going to break this noble wreath from a forehead of historians - regional specialists, moreover, we hope for close and effective cooperation for the benefit of common cause.

Nikofilm studio


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