In Yuzhnoukrainsk under aegis It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant passed KVN

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On November 26 school students of Yuzhnoukrainsk once again battled for a rank of the most cheerful and resourceful in traditional competition KVN. This year it passed under the motto "Nuclear Power — Our Future". On a scene of Palace of culture of nuclear power plant the flashing humour and sharpness was shown by teams of city schools and a gymnasium.

Competition cheerful and resourceful among seniors already in 15-й time organizes department of work with the public and OP YuU nuclear power plant mass media together with a municipal government of continuous science and education. Action is so popular in Yuzhnoukrainsk that citizens in a row fairly carry it many years to number of the best city shows. The Energy drink recreation center big hall this day is always overflowed.

About that, fight was how persistent, the total difference of the gathered points testifies. The victory was defined by 0,2 points. And resourceful this year the national team of city schools No. 2 and No. 4 under the fervent name "Boiled water" is recognized as the most cheerful. The titles "Mr. of KVN" and "Ms. of KVN" are appropriated to the grammar-school boy Nikolay Ageev and 10 grader of school No. 3 to Nastya Kozhevnikova.

KVN traditionally sponsors nuclear power plant. To members of all teams-participants, and also their teachers memorable prizes are awarded, reports work department with the public and OP YuU nuclear power plant mass media.


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