BQ "Kiev" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 101:65

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Basketball. Championship of Ukraine. Superleague

Before game

Successful performance of Donetsk team against BQ "Kiev" in last round could add spirit and to other rivals of capital "wolves". However the head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh in forecasts was more than is reserved.

Well, Sasha Obradovich's wards showed more than once the ability to be reconstructed even on a duel course. And the first "a cold shower" in the domestic championship and fiasco in draw of Euro cups for certain will compel inhabitants of Kiev extremely built to play the subsequent matches. Actually, in the current season "wolves" already reached the limit of failures. So any following defeat for many basketball players and their head coach becomes a prolog to search of a new place of work.

After teams exchanged five points in a debut, it was difficult to assume, how rough this match will turn out. The following 10 points were written down into the accounts only by inhabitants of Kiev - 15:5.

Even Rajevski couldn't adjust planned draw of combinations, besides itself long couldn't strike a basket of rivals.

"Chilly" Gladyr, Gilevich and Yaylo started. However, after the well-aimed Tonchenko is bright from - for arches life still could be adjusted - 22:13.
Really, new breakthrough of "wolves" in the second period successfully reflected Gladyr, Montgomery and Onufriyev. Lag was reduced to 5 points. And here at nikolayevets ball losses - serially went by transfers, on maintaining, didn't manage to remove orange of a zone, etc. Here owners of a platform also continued to develop success - 49:28.

Rajevski - 9 points became the most productive player in the third quarter. But at inhabitants of Kiev killed all 8 basketball players coming to a platform! And such approach, and, the main thing, confidence of the forces allowed Sasha Obradovich's team finally to bury hopes of guests for countergame - 82:46.

Only after the vice-champions of the country and leaders of the current season reduced rate of game, nikolayevets managed some to take breath and start recouping.However, long series of misses of Gladyrya and Gilevich who are more often than others assumed responsibility for completion of attacks, didn't allow our team "one for the road" to win at least one period.

After game

The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh told after a match that didn't expect such difference in the account. However inhabitants of Kiev after two defeats came for game adjusted very strongly. Certainly, nikolayevets could show more serious resistance with Hlebovitski. However our heavy forward yet absolutely recovered from a trauma, and there was no wish to risk him, after all a championship distance still the very long.

Seeing such succession of events, I allowed to play Montgomery, Tonchenko and Silkovsky. Game of the American suited me: it both hammered, and gave in, and in separations ran away. And here at our young players it turned out nothing. Also bigger I expected from Blair. After all he earned the majority of the fouls below where it shouldn't have been got involved in fight.

However, all children tried to show everything that could, and to anybody I have no claims. I hope that this defeat won't break our basketball players, and in the following matches they will show more substantial game. After all separate pieces even turned out today at us.

Than further. that it is more terrible "tigers"
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The Nikolaev basketball players, at all morbidity of defeat in Kiev, conceded at least to the leader. And here yuzhnenets for certain went to Sumy behind a victory which separates them from holding a "bronze" place in standings донетчан. However familiar to the Nikolaev fans Green and Kuso with companions gave to "chemists" a uniform dressing-down. If leaders of attacks of northerners together outlined more than fifty points, Kelly with Bratich - only 22. And beating of acting bronze prize-winners proceeded from the first to the last minutes.

The victory сумчан didn't allow to overtake them полтавчанам which got a strong-willed victory in a match with "Pulsar". Rovenchane in the first half of game left forward in the account on 14 points. In total two and a half minutes later after a big break owners of a platform caught up with rivals. However the question of the winner stood opened until the last minute a match. At the score 95:94 фарт changed to guests, and the beginner полтавчан summed up the result of Ricky from the line of penalties.

Brutal character донетчан and rejection of authorities any more isn't former surprising. Struck another: I. Migliyeniks's team as equals played with the champion in the absence of the best goal-scorer Tucker, Kozhents and both Krivichi.


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