The USA urge not to cajole Russia at the expense of Ukraine

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The The Washington Times newspaper urges not to distance Ukraine and Georgia from NATO to please Russia.

About it the political scientist Hell Dale in article which is called "writesDon't cajole Russia".

"If the United States change policy, America will lose influence in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact. These countries became recently the most faithful allies of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are necessary to us", - the expert writes.

"If we are discharged of them now, they will precisely think twice, whether to connect their destiny with us in the future. As the world leader of the USA can pay too expensive for a coaxing of Russia", - the political scientist considers.

He also emphasizes what exactly aggression of Russia and its intimidation forces the former Soviet republics to look for protection everywhere where only it is possible - often, by means of the western establishments, such as EU and NATO. While NATO - is most important for their safety.

Therefore, according to the expert, solutions of the American side not to insist on granting PDCh to Ukraine disappointed allies from central at Eastern Europe, not to mention Kiev whereas in the capitals of Western Europe it met with simplification, and in Russia - "with gloating", the expert notes.


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