In the Nikolaev area food

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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) across Ukraine in November of this year made 101,5%. Rise in prices was observed in all regions of the country - from 100,1% in Sevastopol to 103,1% in the Kharkov area, except for Poltavshchina where the prices remained at the level of October.

On the IPTs Nikolaev area I made 102%. The rise in prices mainly, is caused by final transition of the population to heat supply fee on tariffs of a heating season which, besides, noticeably rose in price. Besides, grew in price separate names of household appliances, audio equipment and the equipment for information processing, pharmaceutical production, medical goods and the equipment. Since the beginning of year across Ukraine IPTs made 119,8%, on area of-119,5% that corresponds to the 12th place among regions, reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.

In November of this year in the consumer market of Nikolayevshchina food fell in price for 0,7%. Most vegetable oil and fats - decreased by 4,6% (at the expense of a vegetable oil podeshevleniye for 13,9%), vegetables for 4,3%, meat and meat products - for 2,2% in the price.

In the nonfood consumer market of area in November of this year the cost of services of a heat supply increased by 3,9 times that became the main reason of increase of payment for housing, water, the electric power, gas and other types of fuel as a whole for 17,6%. Besides, the payment for hot water - increased by 2,3%, a rent - for 1,9%, the cost of materials for the contents and housing repair - for 1,4%. Thus, firm fuel - for 2,4%, the liquefied gas - for 1% fell in price.

At the same time, reduction of prices of gasoline - for 13,1% caused reduction in cost in the transport sphere for 2,9%. Thus the cost of vehicles increased for 4,1%, spare parts and accessories - for 2,5%, journey in railway passenger transport - for 0,8%.


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