In Nikolaev children's gynecologists sound alarm

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The civilization very strongly influences health of future mothers, and not to the best. You come to such conclusion after conversation with the children's gynecologist of female consultation No. 1 of the Nikolaev maternity hospital No. 1 Svetlana Zakharova. She - that also told about problems with "female" health of future mothers.

The modern children's gynecology is subdivided into three sections on age groups of girls: from the birth till 6 years, from 7 to 14 years, from 15 to 18 years. And for each such age group the problems which started being shown in recent years especially sharply are alas characteristic.

One of problems which mothers of little girls can face, - inflammatory and adhesive processes. It is possible to reveal them and in three years, and in six years when babies surely bring on reception to the children's gynecologist at registration in kindergarten and school. However, Svetlana Zakharova speaks, it is desirable to come to an appointment with the girl of one-year-old age - after all the earlier problems are found, the it will be easier than them to eliminate. And the reason of inflammatory processes as it is strange, in pampers. In an organism of the little girl there are no female hormones, the organism can't protect itself, and pampers (if in them to dress the baby constantly) create greenhouse effect which is good only for inflammatory processes.

One more problem which appeared not so long ago in this age group, - premature sexual development, i.e. development of mammary glands to 6 - summer age.

- Some mothers wave away - and, let grow. But it is impossible to close to it eyes - growth of a breast indicates a large number in an organism of the girl of female hormones (estrogen), and they "stop" growth of bones, "close" growth zones. As a result of the girl remain undersized, - S. Zakharova speaks.

And promotes increase in quantity of an estrogen again - to "a civilization charm" - soy products (they contain a phytoestrogen), ham.Influence it and ксеноэстрогены (the chemical compounds destroying hormonal system of the person) which can contain in some laundry detergents. Ksenoestrogena possess ability to collect in a human body where get through skin, - the child - that sleeps on the bed washed in such "remarkable" powder. Therefore the doctor advises always to pay attention to components of laundry detergent, and also to a power supply system to exclude these violations.

- 7-14 years - too are inherent in the following age group the problems. It is age it is very important for future mother - there is a formation of sexual system. Therefore by this period it is necessary to treat with special attention. Svetlana Zakharova says that at this age it is better to save girls from excessive intellectual and physical activities. Intellectual - because the head "is directly tied" with internal genitals, and any stress can cause violations. Intensive physical activities too very negatively influence formation process.

- It is proved that if the girl with 4-5 - summer age intensively (for 3-4 hours a day daily) takes ballroom dancing classes, for example, she will have a delay of sexual development. It doesn't mean that sports or dancing classes don't need to take, - it is necessary. But it is, if I may say so, frivolous. And in general during this period it is necessary to try that the girl walked in the fresh air more, it was less loaded at school, I didn't stay at the computer. Everything has to be moderately, - the doctor speaks.

However, on chronic inflammatory processes which started being registered at girls of this age, influences and … fashion. Thin stockings not on a season, - bedrovka - all this conducts short jackets, a high, baring stomach and a jacket back, trousers to chronic inflammatory processes which are long and tiresomely treated then.

And during this period, S. Zakharova, parents and teachers considers, beginning years with 11, have to impart culture of sexual behavior which at modern teenagers practically disappeared. While this "culture" is reduced to sex and contraceptives, nobody speaks about beauty of love, the children's gynecologist with regret notes. And it too is fraught: the early beginning of sexual life threatens girls not only undesirable pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases (not necessarily venereal - and without this "good" suffices).Though as the doctor claims, the most optimum age (both from the point of view of physiology, and from the point of view of psychology) to start sexual life - 22 years. However, in real life the few wait for this age. There were at Svetlana Zakharova patients who began sexual life from 12-13 years and which had to appoint oral contraceptives as parents couldn't affect these girls. But the earliest age at which to the children's gynecologist pregnant patients came, - 14 years.

Svetlana Aleksandrovna notes that in comparison with last year the number of early pregnancies by 3 times decreased (if last year there were more than 60 early pregnancies, this year 21), and it is very good. But all of them didn't disappear anywhere and therefore girls should be directed on abortions (it can be done and without informing of parents if the girl reached 14 - summer age) which in turn pull for itself problems (constant inflammations). However, there are cases (this year such was two), when girls and their parents make the decision to give birth, and thus promise that their kid won't get to the House of the baby.

Certainly, the civilization negatively influences health of future mothers, but also mothers can quite fight against its negative influence present. Pay more attention to the daughters, and then many problems with birth of your future grandsons can be avoided.


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