Neznansky - the author "Marsha Turetskogo"

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In Germany at the age of 80 years the writer and the publicist Friedrich Nesnanski died. About it reports «Mirror of week».

Friedrich Nesnanski was born in 1932. By training he was a lawyer: in 1950-1954 I studied at the Moscow Legal Institute. In 1960-x it started publishing stories, feuilletons and articles in newspapers «Komsomolskaya Pravda» and «Work». In 1977 the writer left from Soviet Union and till 1985 I lived in the USA. In America Neznansky wrote five monographs, worked for radio «Freedom» , I cooperated with emigrant newspapers. In 1985 he moved to Germany.

Popularity to Friedrich Nesnanski, author of detectives «Marsh Turetskogo» and «Mister lawyer» , brought mainly novels «The journalist for Brezhnev» (1981) and «Red Square» (1983) written together with Eduard Topol. Its works were transferred more than to 10 languages and became best-sellers in many countries. In Russia Neznansky began to publish in 1990-x.

According to Friedrich Nesnanski's detectives shot the movie «Black square» (1992) TV series «Marsh Turetskogo» (2002) and «Red Square» (2004).


Роман Свиридов

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