In "Levanevsk" already almost all trees cut down: "Nikolayevtsev accustom to thought that the power in the city carries out 10 builders, instead of the governor"

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Inhabitants of the residential district «Levanevtsev» declare that despite everything, grove cutting down on the river bank proceeds at full speed and approaches to the end–on this earth already start installing concrete blocks. They reported about it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» on Thursday, February 28.

- Levanevtsa continue to saw. Despite Kruglov's terrible statements, the petrolsaw continues to work. Builders continue to saw trees, fill in the bases, install concrete blocks. By miracle to the grove which has remained on the river bank deputies defined destiny of the next sites–directly the deaf fence falls to the river. Nikolayevtsev accustom to thought that the power in the city is carried out not by the governor, and 10 «unknown» builders, - the local resident Vera Tishchenko declared.

Besides, as reported in a press - service «Ukrainian people's party» , ex-the candidate in People's Deputies of Ukraine on the 129th selective majority district (The central region of Nikolaev) Alexey Miroshnichenko declared that lands which deputies of city council of the 5th convocation in 2009 gave to unknown people under construction of cottages, were in property of the Ministry of Defence.

- According to information available at present the violations connected with this building remind «puff pie» : except cutting down of trees and that target use of lands was changed, construction is conducted in Youzhny's hundred-meter security zone of Bug, the earth which were allocated with the decision of deputies of the City Council, weren't officially transferred by the Ministry of Defence to Nikolaev, i.e. deputies disposed of someone else's property, - Miroshnichenko claims.

According to him, inhabitants collected already about 500 signatures under addresses to People's Deputies, the governor Nikolay Kruglov and the head of Factory district administration and the deputy - «to the regional» To Alexander Zhenzherukhe. Besides he hinted that people to whom deputies gave a green light to cut a grove and to build houses, not so simple.

- For example, it is difficult to me to understand people who in the course of construction of the housing go for violation of legislative and moral standards only to emphasize the financial status and that with it «to spit» both on laws, and on people, and on the nature…But, on the other hand, it is obvious that these people - not orphans who have no place to live, and at desire the same deputies of the City Council will be able to find them places under building in places more suitable for this purpose, - he emphasized. 

It should be noted that meanwhile volumes of cutting down of trees and construction considerably extended - the fence already costs directly on a beach. 

We will remind as earlier it was reported, in 2009 deputies of the Nikolaev city council made the decision No. 36/62, according to which the last green zone in the former military garrison on the river bank, on a place of the former summer movie theater was distributed 18-ти to citizens under construction of individual housing. Cutting down of trees began ten days ago, inhabitants of the neighboring houses at once began to protest against destruction of a green zone.

However, the people who have come for general meeting to a place of cutting down of a grove, during rough discussion of the plan of the actions and didn't decide to take down a fence, built round the square builders.

Андрей Лохматов

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