Cultural development in the Nikolaev area – one of the most important activities of the regional power

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On December 17, in the art museum of V. Vereshchagin the general meeting of public council concerning culture took place at the head of the regional state administration and coordination council concerning culture and spirituality at the regional state administration.

During this meeting the project of additions to the cultural development Program in the Nikolaev area for 2008-2010 "Revival and development of a cultural heritage of Nikolayevshchina and modern history of edge in 2009-2010" was discussed. Tatyana Ivanitskaya reminded, in the Nikolaev area the regional organization of the union of artists of Ukraine fruitfully works, the regional museum of local lore and the art museum of V. Vereshchagin which saved up considerable funds function. About it reports a press - service Nikolaev YEAH.

But about 20 years works of modern local artists aren't exhibited at our museums. Fruits of their talent well are on sale abroad, decorate the museums of Russia, other countries. And in ours they aren't present. The head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha isn't indifferent to preservation of art values, suggested to restore practice of the state orders which can become essential support for artists in modern conditions. Management of culture of the regional state administration already developed the corresponding project of additions to the Program which were submitted for consideration of public and coordination councils. In particular, the following became the main points of the project:

1. Creation of fund of works of the modern art in the Nikolaev area.
2. Question studying concerning creation of an exposition hall for these works on the basis of the local history and art museums.
3. Creation of conditions for exhibiting of works of the modern art. The third point provides assignment for acquisition of pictures and their bagetny registration.

The edition of the catalog of modern artworks is planned also.

Having discussed the project of additions to the cultural development Program, participants of meeting unanimously supported him, having noted the big importance of preservation of cultural inheritance for descendants.

The deputy head of department of culture of the regional state administration Larisa Poddubnaya presented one more project - the target program of preservation of instructions of the Great Patriotic War in the Nikolaev area which is planned to submit for consideration of session of regional council separately. After all, we will remind, in 2010 Ukraine will celebrate 65-ю anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. So, the purpose the initiated regional state administration of the program is reduction in an appropriate type of the monuments, memorable signs, area cemeteries. After all these objects once become the only reminiscence of past events. On the state account there are 862 such objects. For the purpose of preparation of the draft of the target program the state inspection carried out the analysis, collected information in areas to determine the necessary amount of financing. As a result there were about 5 million hryvnias the main part from which has to be directed on monument restoration "Kurgan of Slava" in the New Odessa area and a memorial complex in Kovalevk's village of the Nikolaev area.

Members of public and coordination councils unanimously supported the initiative.


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