The lawyer Montyan is sure that the opposition in Ukraine doesn't exist, and "Freedom" designated "clowns" and "the project of Party of Regions"

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In Ukraine there is neither power, nor opposition, and there are only different groups which have or not having access to a resource. I expressed such opinion the known lawyer and the lawyer Tatyana Montyan in a course the Internet - conferences on «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT».

- I at all don't believe in power and opposition existence and always I claim that in the country there is neither power, nor opposition. There are concrete groups which have or have here and now no access to any resource. I simply know that in a subsoil of the Party of Regions there is mass of groups, which «kill» each other so that where that opposition. Therefore it everything–names for convenience of an obolvanivaniye of public, and actually…Here the house which I cited as an example–Raisa Akipnoy, 18 in Kiev. Zhvaniya in Party of Regions, Martynenko–in the integrated opposition. It doesn't prevent them to have joint firm «DIA Development» , which milks inhabitants of the house so that where there all municipal mafia together taken, - was told by Montyan.

According to her, in all political current - show all oppositionists swear at authorities only «in public» , and during a commercial break kiss them.

- I speak to you by experience of participation in current - show. All these oppositionists, they only in public call each other and so on and as soon as the commercial break begins, they kiss each other in a gum and discuss joint deals. Therefore don't trust you in these fairy tales, I think that in Nikolaev all in the same way. They have at all general joint projects, and in opposition at us only those whom threw out for full inability to do something of the power, scandalousness or not ability to get on in close deribanny collective. Here therefore they called themselves oppositionists and goes lifts the people on an action, - the lawyer added.

Besides, Montyan also defined the position and to IN «Freedom» , having called her representatives «clowns» , and party as a whole–project of Party of Regions.

- Clowns ordinary. The political project of Party of Regions which was conceived to create convenient a sparring - the partner.It is PR idea and as it will turn out actually, goodness knows, because after their powerful initiatives «загнобить» gays to forbid abortions, the column «nationality» in the passport and other «problems» extremely actual for country, at all I don't know, voters who foolishly voted for them will think of them, - Tatyana Montyan declared.

We will remind as earlier it was reported, the lawyer Tatyanya Montyan stated confidence that for events on the 132nd district in Pervomaisk after elections nobody will be punished, while Yanukovych trusts the general prosecutor Victor Pshonke. 

Андрей Лохматов

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