National crafts of Nikolayevshchina: 70- summer history

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Landscapes and still lifes, gobelins and bench hammers, a panel and products from a tree, ceramics and a majolica - all range of national creativity was presented at the exhibition which has opened in the eve of Christmas in municipal showroom on Nikolskaya Street, 54.

"The world in which you live" - such name carried an anniversary opening day of regional creative association of national masters decoratively - applied art and amateur artists of "Pribuzhye" and a national photoclub the "Shipbuilder" devoted 70 - to the anniversary of the regional center of national creativity and cultural - educational work.

Long before opening of an exhibition of halls it was already filled. Pottery of work of A. Tsurkan, stylized under скифско - the Sarmatian era, reconstructed and original Turkish - A. Bayborodin's Cossack "cradles", E. Korkishko's decorative list, a "animation" majolica of L. and O. Marilovtsevykh, V. Prikhodko's decorative vases, an informidable dragon from a ceramic plate Ya. Goncharuk, L. Nikolaeva's original graphics, V. Dymovoy's bench hammers, G. Kiryakova's still lifes, a known corner of old Nikolaev on the cloth of K. Semenov of the same name, kukolno - horned "A symbol of year" O. Yefimova (independently I shone beads and Z. Kubitskaya's fir-tree predominated over the events on the New Year's status): it is difficult to list all best works of national masters - fans, and in fact, the most true professionals, causing genuine interest and at the ordinary viewer, and among colleagues.

Mikhail Boychuk, the head of the regional center of national creativity, wished present and exhibiting the works of ineradicable desire to create, live and love, handed over Diplomas to T. Bazilevskaya's national masters - Bartashevich, O. Lisovenko, V. Shamray. O. Lisyanskaya who except "global" works, illustrated recently and the book of fairy tales Nikolaev journalists V. Marushchak, V. Prikhodko, K. Semenovu, T. Kolyade, R. Vronskoy, A. Tsurkanu and many other.

According to Mikhail Boychuk, the high sense of works of national masters of "Pribuzhya", and them in association is about 400 people (and all in area over 5 thousand masters are engaged in national creativity) - in preservation of the authentic folklore past and national crafts and present enhancement.

Valentina Krivtsova, the head of "Pribuzhya", as the hostess of an exhibition represented guests. On anniversary the center of national creativity congratulated T. Andriyevskaya - Chumak, V. Muzychenko, the head of a photoclub "Shipbuilder". Irina Timofeyeva, the director of the municipal center of culture and leisure in which passed an anniversary opening day, paid attention to beauty of soul of nikolayevets which is noticeable in each work presented at an exhibition. The honored worker of culture, the member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine Serafima Senkevich, having examined an exposition, I noted professional works of colleagues on art shop - Naumenko, Didenko and others. Her look of the expert was very valuable to members of the association "Pribuzhye".

The national photoclub "Shipbuilder" arose in 1964. In the next years in it such known masters, as B. Panov, B. Remizov whom by right it is possible to call coryphaeuses of photobusiness of ship edge worked. Diplomas of management of culture YEAH within an anniversary exhibition awarded D. Shebaldin, V. Martyshchenko, I. Yermolaev and others. Audience estimated their works even earlier. It is black - white, for example, "The morning electric train" Igor Yermolaev is worthy to represent Nikolaev on any, the most prestigious, photo contests of the CIS and the European Union.


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