In the markets of Nikolaev the situation is better, than at neighbors

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As reports Goskomstat of Ukraine, in December of last year the consumer price index across Ukraine made 102,1% in comparison with November and 122,3% from the beginning of year. The lowest consumer price index was in July (99,5%) and August (99,9%).

Statistics GU in the Nikolaev area gives the average prices of the most consumed agricultural products in the cities of the Nikolaev area, and also the next areas.

So, for December 22 the flour in Nikolaev cost 2,85 UAH/kg, in Voznesensk - 3 UAH/kg, Pervomaisk - 2,60 UAH/kg, Odessa - 3,53 UAH/kg; sugar in Nikolaev cost 3,58 UAH/kg, in Voznesensk and Pervomaisk - 3,50 UAH/kg, in Odessa - 4,08 UAH/kg, in Kherson - 3,60 UAH/kg.

Potatoes were on sale at the price of 2,70 UAH/kg (Nikolaev), 2,50 UAH/kg (Voznesensk and Pervomaisk), 3 UAH/kg (Odessa) and 2,50 UAH/kg (Kherson), sunflower oil - 7 UAH/l (Nikolaev and Pervomaisk), 8 UAH/l (Voznesensk), 8,50 UAH/l (Odessa) and 7,50 UAH/l (Kherson).

Beef and pork on the eve of New Year's holidays were on sale on 36,50 UAH/kg in Nikolaev, 35 UAH/kg and 38 UAH/kg respectively in Voznesensk, 38 UAH/kg and 40 UAH/kg in Pervomaisk, 38,39 UAH/kg and 45,67 UAH/kg in Odessa and on 37 UAH/kg in Kherson; milk - 4 UAH/l in Nikolaev and Pervomaisk, 5 UAH/l in Voznesensk, 6 UAH/l in Odessa and 4,50 UAH/l in Kherson.


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