The court removed a ban on carrying out external testing

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On January 13, 2009 the Odessa district administrative court abolished the previous resolution which stopped registration of participants of external independent estimation of 2009. Also the petition of the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the lawyer of the Ageev and Fedur company, about transferring of consideration of the case to the Kiev district administrative court was satisfied. About it reports Information center of independent estimation with the link to the Civil SUPPORT network.

We will remind, in October, 2008 the Odessa court began office-work in the claim of the eleventh-grader Oleg Nichki who declared violation of the rights for the higher education. The school student in the claim called illegal need beforehand to be defined concerning subjects in which it will pass test, and also complained of lack of jurisprudence in the list of subjects in which there will be an external estimation in 2009. The court accepted at once the claim of the eleventh-grader to consideration and adopted the resolution on providing the claim which actually stopped registration of participants of independent testing of 2009, starting on December 1, 2008.

The civil SUPPORT network declared procedural violations by which within the last months consideration of the case was accompanied. So, according to the organization, the judge Bolotina who accepted the claim to consideration, till December 11 "officially had no status and the certificate of the judge, didn't take the oath and couldn't have the corresponding employment records. The address concerning violation of the current legislation was sent to the State Office of Public Prosecutor", - the SUPPORT declares.

The court session became on January 13, 2009 the first productive meeting, note in the SUPPORT. Three previous meetings on business on Oleg Nichki's claim against the Ministry of Education in Odessa didn't take place for various reasons:from - for diseases of the judge, business trip of the judge, and lack of lighting in court. However, on December 12 the judge Bolotina made the decision to forbid journalists to carry out video - and process photographing.

We will remind that in Ukraine passing of external independent estimation is an indispensable condition for wishing to become students. In 2009 external estimation on eight subject matters will take place during the period from May 6 to June 5.


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